If you are looking for an exciting day trip, look no further than Silverwood Lake, located near San Bernardino, CA. This is a great destination for anyone who loves to hike or camp! There are many fun activities that you can do there, including:


If you love the water, then kayaking might be the perfect activity for you! You can rent a single or double kayak from Silverwood Lake. These are available by reservation only and should be picked up at least 30 minutes before your departure time.


You don’t have to go far if you want to enjoy a day in the sun! Silverwood Lake has a beautiful beach for you to enjoy. There are several lifeguards present during the summer months, so swimming is perfectly safe!


If you love being outdoors then hiking might be your favorite activity at Silverwood Lake. You can hike all year long and see some of California’s most stunning views! Even though it is winter time now, don’t let that scare you away from this perfect day trip destination.

Bird Watching

If you’re a bird lover, then Silverwood Lake is definitely the place for you! There are over 250 different species of birds that fly through this area. You can even see some birds that migrate from Alaska and Canada to Mexico during their winter months! Also, some species of birds stop by during the summer months to raise their young. If you are a bird watcher, then Silverwood Lake is definitely your destination!


If you love fishing, there are many different opportunities for you at Silverwood Lake! You can bring in trout and bass on any day except Friday or Saturday when it is catch-and-release only. On these days, the limit per person will be five fish with no more than two being over 16 inches long. However, if it’s just anglers under 12 years old that want to go fishing but not keep what they’ve caught then catching limits don’t apply to them on Fridays or Saturdays either! Also remember that other rules still apply while doing so, such as not fishing within 50 feet of a public boat launch.


You don’t have to bring your own boat or kayak if you want to enjoy these fun activities at Silverwood Lake. They offer single and double kayaks as well as pedal boats so everyone in your party can get involved in water sports. If hiking sounds more like something for you than boating does, they also provide all kinds of gear such as binoculars, tents, camping equipment (stoves & lantern), fishing rods, and tackle boxes.

The best part about all of these activities is that they are free! The only thing you have to pay for when it comes to enjoying Silverwood Lake is renting a boat or kayak. This means that day trips here can be both fun and affordable at the same time, which makes them even better! So pack up your bags and head out on this beautiful day trip destination today.

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