Kid’s Activities in Armstrong Park, Duncanville TX 75116

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Many people do not know that Armstrong Park is a great place for kids to explore and have fun. There are plenty of activities for children of all ages, including:

The Butterfly Garden and Palm House

There is a butterfly garden and a palm house which are both amazing exhibits. The butterfly garden is filled with many different types of butterflies, and the palm house houses a wide variety of exotic plants that are native to America’s Southern region like pineapples and bananas!

The Southfork Bike Trail

Another great feature about Armstrong park in Duncanville TX is that it has its own bike trail where children can go biking or walking through beautiful scenery while keeping an eye out for wildlife like birds, squirrels, rabbits, deer (in certain seasons), ducks on ponds fringed by weeping willow trees.


Kids will love the playground and its many activities like swings, slides, and monkey bars. There’s even a miniature-sized merry-go-round for smaller children. Also, there’s a wonderful view of the lake from this area.

Fish Feeding

This is one activity that kids will definitely enjoy as they get to feed fish living in Armstrong Park, Duncanville TX! There are cute koi and other types of exotic fish which children can see up close when they have food or bread crumbs for them. The best time to do this would be at sunset so you can also see some beautiful colors reflecting on the water while feeding these creatures with a child-like sense of wonderment.

The Fishing Pond

There is also a pond where kids can fish in order to catch bream or bass (in certain seasons). Children under 12 are allowed to use fishing rods provided by the park while adults may bring their own poles (a license from Texas Parks & Wildlife Department is required if state residents wish to keep any caught fish). Adults over 17 do not need a permit but must supervise minors at all times when they’re using rod and reels belonging to Armstrong Park. The fishing season begins on March 30th every year so parents should check that out before bringing their little ones there because there are special hours for fishing in the park.

The playground is open every day of the week (including holidays) from dawn until dusk while other activities like biking, walking and feeding ducks can be done any time during daylight hours unless otherwise stated by Duncanville Parks & Recreation Department which manages activities at Armstrong Park in Duncanville Texas.

With these fun activities for kids in Armstrong Park, everyone will have a great time out with their families!

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