Major Attractions in Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, GA is an extensive mass of urban environments that melt into livable suburbs and is known world over for its populated, bustling nature.

This city is home to some of the world’s most iconic infrastructure as well as amazing people whose origin can be traced from all continents on earth.

Being Georgia’s capital, this city is without a doubt the principle center of the southern part of the United States. Originally, Atlanta was a military outpost. Later, it experienced as a railway junction, and it eventually became a vital commercial hub.

Today, Atlanta is a major cultural and economic center, and an essential hotbed of internationally famed entities and air traffic. The city is large and vibrant, but despite its reputation, it has amazing attractions for people who intend to visit for fun.

Some of the places you need to check out in Atlanta, GA include;

Georgia Aquarium

The reason why Georgia Aquarium finds a spot at the helm of our list is because it is one of the top places to visit for people with families.

This extensive destination is the largest aquarium in the world which is a habitat of over 100,000 aquatic animals.

Here, you will find all types of sea creatures, including whale sharks, which are the largest animals of the aquatic world. Also, expect to see the rare albino alligators and the ever-amazing sea lions.

One thing that makes this aquarium outstanding is the fact that you will be allowed to snorkel or dive in the tank with the whale sharks. However, to participate in this you need to have a SCUBA diving certification.

Atlanta Botanical Garden

After spending some time with the aquatic animals at the Georgia Aquarium, the next attraction worth visiting is the Atlanta Botanical Garden. It is a beautiful haven that frame the urban landscape of Midtown Atlanta. Its signature is the extensive gardens, which are made up of majestic trees and formal flower beds.

In case you are looking for a place where you can enjoy nature at its best all year round, then Atlanta Botanical Garden has got your back. There is also a special garden within it which is dedicated for children, and it’s aimed at educating them on the need to protect Mother Nature.

Martin Luther King Jr National Historic Site

There are two blocks on Auburn Avenue which are today protected as National Historic Sites. One of them is the place where civil rights campaigner Martin Luther King Jr was born, and the other is the Ebenezer Baptist Church where both Martin Luther King Jr and his father were ministers.

His grave is also located within the [premises, and you will have a chance to learn the history of this American icon who championed for equality and dreamt of a better America.

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