Activities to engage in North Beach

San Francisco is a city of many activities, and North Beach is one of the most popular neighborhoods in town. You can find anything from shopping to outdoor dining on the street. There are also plenty of opportunities for people who want to explore their artistic side–whether they’re interested in singing, acting, painting or photography. Here are some ideas for things you can do in North Beach:

Visit Pier 39’s Aquarium

If you’re interested in learning more about sea life, Pier 39’s aquarium might be right for you. You don’t have to pay the full ticket price if you want to come back later in the day or even during another season–there are different prices depending on when and how often you visit.

Pier 39 also has other activities inside that may pique your interest, like an arcade with prizes (and games) or a Build-A-Bear Workshop where kids can make their own stuffed animals!

Catch A Show At The Golden Gate Theatre

There are plenty of live theatre shows throughout San Francisco area; however, one place offers something special: it was designed by none other than Frank Lloyd Wright himself. If history is up your alley, you might want to consider catching a show at the Golden Gate Theatre.

Enjoy A Night Out On The Town

There are plenty of restaurants and bars in North Beach, so it’s no surprise that people often head there when they’re looking for somewhere to go out on the town. There is an eclectic mix of places with different themes; depending on your mood, this can be either exciting or overwhelming!

Visit Chinatown

One particularly popular place in San Francisco is its bustling Chinatown neighborhood. This area has something for everyone–whether you like souvenirs (and who doesn’t?), delicious food (that line was definitely not meant for vegans), or even traditional Chinese medicine shops where strange concoctions are concocted daily! It’s worth a visit if you’re looking for something unique to do in North Beach.

Take A Stroll Through Washington Square Park

If you have some time on your hands, consider heading over to the small but charming Washington Square Park. It’s a great place to relax with friends or family–and there are plenty of people doing just this! If that doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, no worries: it also has one of San Francisco’s most famous fountains and is surrounded by many cafes where you can grab an afternoon treat (if sweets aren’t your thing, they probably have coffee). There are even some classic arcade games hidden away near the top level, so bring along any quarters you might carry around after visiting Pier 39 and you might just get more than you bargained for!

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