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Add Appeal To Your Home Or Office With New Concrete Pavers

Concrete paths and walkways can make your home feel more welcoming to visitors. It is a direct path from the sidewalk to your front door, or into your backyard. It is important to focus on every aspect of your home and make it feel like a welcoming place for others. Luckily, the right concrete contractor can implement a high quality concrete path in your front or backyard and turn what you were imagining into a reality.

These paths are easy to build and even easier to maintain. Many people choose to add a walkway to their lawn in order to give direction and decoration to their property. As a top quality concrete contractor service, we are specialized in a wide range of services and can help you turn your home into what you want it to be.

Why Have a Path Installed On Your Property?

- It will make your property look more "complete"

If there is simply a lawn and then your home, with nothing else to fill up all of that green space, it will appear as though something is missing from your home. A nice walkway will make your home look like it is part of the neighborhood and that you have taken the time to fill up the space you have access to.

- As mentioned before, it will welcome others to your door

Having a path that leads from the street to your front step is definitely welcoming and will make you feel like you are part of the neighborhood.

- It offers plenty of opportunities for decorating

Whether you use twinkly lights, lanterns, or flowers to decorate the edges of your walkway, this will greatly transform the look of your property. It allows you to add something special to your property and give others a sense of who you are. The way a front lawn is decorated and maintained speaks volumes about the people living inside the home. However, if you would prefer not to decorate, a simple path still looks beautiful on any property.

There are many types of concrete paths and one may be more suitable for your property. Concrete paths can either be made with poured concrete, concrete paving stones, or concrete blocks. Landscaped pathways are normally found in gardens and outdoor environments, so we will will have a lot of options for landscaped pathways available to you. These are made from a mixture of poured concrete and stamped concrete stones that display unique patterns. Different colors, lamination, engraving, chemical stains, and decorative borders can all improve the look of a pathway. This is very eye-catching and will increase the value of your property.


How much does the installation of concrete pathways cost? Concrete normally costs $5 - $16 per square foot, depending on the type of concrete ordered and how much specialty and design you would like. So depending on the size of your property, the total could come to anywhere from $1,000 to $20,000, even more.

We will charge you to install a concrete pathway based on the package you choose from the three currently available in our company:

The Basic Package

Expect to pay $5-$10 per square foot if all you want is to transform your pathway beyond the normal plain grey.

What is involved in this package?

  • A broom or textured rock finish
  • An exposed aggregate
  • A one-colored method

The Mid-range Package

In this package, expect to pay $8-$14 per square foot, a price that includes an array of decorative effects that permit color contrasts and patterns

What is involved in this package?

  • Multiple-colored method
  • Engraving
  • Single-stamped pattern
  • Decorative borders

The High-end Package

Here, expect to pay $12-$100 per square foot for an entirely custom pathway that needs special skills.

What is involved in this package?

  • High-tech hand-applied accents and stenciling
  • Hand-applied chemical stain accents, saw-cut designs, and borders.

Some factors, however, may affect the cost of your pathway. They include:

  • The shape of your walkway
  • The amount of workmanship needed
  • The amount of concrete required
  • The level of decorative finish and,
  • The complexity of the design

 Why you should contract AAA Concreting to repair or construct your concrete pathways:

  • High level of professionalism
  • Quality products and workmanship
  • Full licensing and insurance
  • Promptness
  • Clear, honest, and two-way communication
  • Solid hands-on experience

Types of Concrete Pathways We Can Build and Repair

Stamped Concrete Pathways

We can enhance the aesthetic quality of your existing or new concrete pathway using our cutting-edge stamped concrete. Our stamped concrete is colored using state-of-the-art dust-on concrete color hardeners, which ensure exceptional durability of your pathway.

Some of the most popular colors we use depending on your preferences include;

  • Steadman Buff
  • Platinum grey
  • Dark Red
  • Slate grey
  • Walnut
  • Venetian pink
  • La Crescenta and,
  • Arizona Tan

Our decorative concrete professionals often mix these colors using an array of color tones on every texture pattern to create astounding concrete pathways that complement every element of your backyard.

We will also use any of the following concrete patterns on your pathways.

  • Cobblestone
  • Fractured slate
  • Fractured earth
  • River stone
  • Natural stone
  • Sand stone
  • Ashlar Stone and,
  • Limestone

Colored Concrete Pathways

With colored concrete, we offer countless color options that make it possible for you to achieve the desired look for your pathway. Our creative colored pathways will actually transform your existing or new pathway from normal to spectacular.

We can use colored concrete to enhance the look of flagstone, brick, tile or pavers on the surface of your concrete walkways.

Our colored concrete pathway or walkway will:

  • Mimic nature hence giving your backyard a “natural feel”
  • Hide any future stain
  • Create an exceptional finish

 Pathway and Walkway Pavers

If you need a pathway with a better curb appeal, we will construct one that has multiple beautifully crafted curved configurations, and with the widths of your choice. Our concrete pavers are both durable and versatile thus you can stay lest assured that your pathways and sidewalks will serve you and your future generations without compromising quality.

We will protect your pathway pavers with a quality sealer, and fill the joints with polymer sand, which will not only make it easy to maintain, but also harden the sand and help in preventing erosion.

Our Concrete Walkways Resurfacing Services

Concrete walkways are often treated with destructive salts in aggressive weathers especially in winter. They experience wear and tear which damages their overall appearance by causing freeze-thaw damages, stains, and abrasion.  Due to this, we have ventured into providing the best resurfacing using quality micro topping and cement-based overlay techniques which are not only pocket-friendly, but they also add a decorative finish to the existing concrete.

Our resurfacing projects can include constructing;

  • An Italian slate pathway overlay
  • A slate-look walkway overlay
  • A flagstone-patterned pathway overlay or,
  • Adding the appearance of brick or stone in an existing pathway.

We are operating to give you the most reliable and profession concrete contractor services. No matter what you want for your property, we will work with you to make sure that you have no complaints by the end of the process. Everything must be up to your standards in order for us to feel happy with our work. If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment, please contact us by phone.

The chance to have an enviable walkway or pathway in your home or office is at your disposal! Grab it now and call AAA Concreting as soon as possible.

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