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Concrete Patios Are A Great Low Cost, Low Maintenance Design Feature To Enhance Your Backyard

For many families, a backyard patio is a fundamental part of their outdoor living. Due to their design versatility and general durability, concrete patios are a great paving material to use when it comes to creating the ideal outdoor space. In fact, a solid concrete patio can offer a number of benefits when compared to many other patio or decking options. If you're a homeowner, it's likely you'll be spending a great deal of time entertaining or just relaxing on your patio.

Up until wood decking became all the rage about 10-15 years ago or so, the majority of patios consisted of harder materials such as concrete, stone, or brick. Today, however, most of those wood decks that were installed a decade ago need to be replaced due to warping or rotting wood, or simply because homeowners grew tired of sealing and staining them every couple of years.

As a result, patios made of concrete are making a strong comeback for a number of reasons, some of which include the following benefits.

Resilience and Durability

Because concrete is so durable and resilient, it can easily withstand a broad range of different weather conditions. In fact, several concrete contractors who primarily work in colder regions take special precautions in order to ensure that the patios they create are extremely durable and long-lasting.

Design Versatility

Concrete is a naturally versatile material. As a result, no two patios will ever look alike. Also, due to the latest technology in stamping tools and coloring methods, concrete-poured patios are now more versatile and resourceful than ever before.

Concrete itself can be easily fashioned into almost any shape, therefore enabling you to fully comply with any backyard restrictions in terms of space or implementing any unique curves you may desire. Because of these new coloring techniques and stains, you can achieve virtually any shade of color you can imagine, whether your overall goal is to correspond with your home's facade or to perfectly coordinate with your landscape.

Eco-Friendly and Environmentally Conscious

Incorporating a new concrete patio over a trendy wood deck will instantly eliminate the need for the back-breaking maintenance that typically involves using sealers and wood stains, not to mention how much lumber is saved.

Affordable and Low Maintenance

Compared to keeping up the appearance of a wood deck, natural stone, or individual masonry paving pieces, concrete is much affordable and easier to maintain due to its solid, simple surface.

Compared to wood decking, a solid concrete patio is very affordable and saves many hours of time in staining and resealing the surface each year. With concrete, there's no need to worry about wood splinters, wood rot, and termite infestation since these issues simply don't exist with concrete-poured patios.

Innovative Design

Today's concrete-based patios offer a wide variety of construction and design options, including unique patterns that include stamping, engraving, stenciling, and exposed aggregate. Although several concrete-based patios are cleverly designed to enhance surrounding outdoor landscapes, you can also choose a design or style that harmonizes well with your interior space in order to seamlessly unite the two together. Concrete is very malleable and can therefore be created to look like a number of other popular materials used for high-end looking patios, such as natural stone, brick, or wood.

In terms of the cost for labor and materials, no other product can compare to concrete. They can easily be created to look like you spent thousands of dollars on your outdoor space, when in fact, it was just a mere fraction of the cost.

Types of Concrete Patios We Build

In the 21st century, there are many types of concrete patios. In an effort to keep abreast with the trends, we have technicians on how to design and make them all. We construct;

Stained Concrete Patios

We know that staining is a highly versatile and economical method of upgrading the look of new or existing patios. With it, you can add;

  • As many colors as you wish
  • Custom graphics and,
  • Bolder design accents

Unlike coatings and paintings, our staining penetrate deep into your patio’s concrete surface hence giving you an assurance that it will never peel away or flake off for as long as you live.

Depending on your needs and preferences (the look you want to achieve), we can use;

  • Acid-based chemical stains or,
  • Water-based stains

Since we want you to achieve the best for your concrete patio, we can use any of the following innovative ideas;

  • Apply as many colors as possible of stain to give a natural stone impression
  • Construct or renovate your patio to appear like marble
  • Add a stained border to your patio to make it look stunning
  • Create custom graphics using both stain and stencil
  • Use a vine design to adorn your concrete patio
  • Use antiquing stain on your concrete patio hence adding glamor to it

We can also use concrete dyes and/or integral colors along with concrete stains to create exclusive decorative effects.

Stamped Concrete Patios

Our stamped concrete patios come with maximum durability and excellent resistance to all weathers. We have thousands of homeowners believe that our stamped patios can give them a cutting-edge look of natural stone at a pocket friendly price.

Our stamped concrete patios will give you a broad range of decorative options than any other material in the market. With us, you can give your patio;

  • A brick texture
  • A stone texture
  • A wood-like texture

We use the following to ensure our stamped concrete patios stay ahead of the competition;

  • Powdered pigments
  • Antiquing agents and
  • Stains

With all these, we ensure that your patio resembles natural stone and complements your landscape. We can design and build a stamped concrete patio that;

  • Resembles grouted stone
  • Transforms a boring backyard into a modern piece of adorable art
  • Has a decorative border to add a glamorous look
  • Is designed for outdoor entertainment
  • Showcases the physical beauty of natural grey concrete
  • Imitates travertine

Modern Concrete Patios

We understand that modernity has become prevalent in the age we are in. for this reason, we have invested heavily in high-tech equipment to enable us build you modern concrete patios that not only makes your home an icon that many in the neighborhood admire, but also shows to the world that you can set the trends for others to follow.

Our modern patios have the following characteristics;

  • They have modest color plans which we enhance with border accent colors
  • Check board patterns and/or big tiles are used on them, other than the ‘country’ look of stamped concrete.
  • They have surfaces that are not textured, and are designed in angular shapes

We can build modern concrete patios that;

  • Have a ‘checkerboard’ like design that is shaped with squares of grass and concrete
  • Have a linear patio design with multiple rows of groundcover and concrete
  • Come with a stunning rectangular shape design with slabs made with bands of stone
  • Have a mix of tile and concrete, glimmered with black and grey color schemes

Why Choose AAA Concreting For Your Project To Build Or Repair Your Concrete Patio?

We are:

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  • Experienced
  • Project and client-oriented
  • Skilled and,
  • Professional

If you need concrete patios for your project that will make your palatial home’s backyard look like the paradise you have always dreamed about, give us a call today, we will be there to deliver promptly. Try us now!

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