Reasons to Bring Kids to Sailfish Splash Waterpark, Port St Lucie FL 34994

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Bringing your kids to Sailfish Splash Waterpark in Port St Lucie FL 34994 is a great idea for many reasons. For one, this water park has something for everyone- from lazy rivers and wave pools to thrilling rides. Children of all ages will have fun exploring the different areas of the waterpark with their friends or family members. Additionally, there are plenty of food options available within walking distance that can help you stay energized during your visit!

There are many activities here for kids, including:


This is the main attraction at Sailfish Splash Waterpark. With a gigantic wave pool, three smaller pools with slides and waterfalls, an awesome lazy river that encircles the whole park (perfect for beginner swimmers), and kid-friendly amenities like kiddie slides and climbing areas to keep them entertained all day long!


There are 14 different flumes here that vary in size from small to super-high thrill level! There is even one called “The Black Hole” where riders plunge into total darkness before being shot back up again through another hole in the middle of this slide’s funnel design. Just be sure you have good enough health insurance if your child decides he wants to try out any of these rides because they can get pretty wild!

Water Playgrounds

Kids love to play in the water, and Sailfish Splash Waterpark offers them that opportunity. All around this park are different areas where kids can climb up into huge sprinklers or run through fun fountains designed especially for their entertainment! Watch your children laugh as they get soaked all day long; it’s an experience you’re sure not to forget anytime soon!

Food & Drinks

The best part about bringing your family here is that there are plenty of drink stands (with healthy options like flavored water) and concession stands nearby so no one will go thirsty or hungry while playing in these pools! Hot dogs, hamburgers, nachos- if your child wants something quick before continuing on his next ride, you’ll be able to find it right here!

There are so many reasons that having your family visit Sailfish Splash Waterpark will benefit them. They can swim all day long, play in the water playgrounds until they’re exhausted, and enjoy dining options before heading back into different pools for more fun. With something exciting for everyone- no matter what age or swimming ability -it is a perfect place to bring your kids this summer!

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