If you’re considering a move to the city of Riverside, CA, then this blog post is for you. We’ve compiled some great reasons why downtown Riverside should be your next home!

Availability of Parks

There are many parks in  Riverside. In fact, Riverside was voted as having one of the best parks in the country! If you live downtown, there are several different places to go and relax with your friends or family members. For example, The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa offers a beautiful garden that is perfect for spending time outside.

Easy Transportation

When looking at homes near riverside ca, it’s important to consider how easy transportation will be from this area. Luckily, Riverside has developed an extensive public transit system over the years making it easier than ever to get around easily and quickly even if you don’t have a car! Some options include: Metrolink Train Station (Downtown), Amtrak Train Station (Downtown), Buses all parts of town including Downtown and Metrolink, Amtrak Train Station (Downtown), and the Riverside Airport.

Access to Entertainment Centers

Another great reason why Downtown Riverside is a great place for you! Since downtown has evolved into such a popular area over the years there are many entertainment centers that have been popping up as well. For example, Downtown Riverwalk features many different bars, clubs, cafes and restaurants where one can dine or grab some drinks after work! There are also live music venues that provide local acts so those who want something more intimate should check out The Concert Lounge & Bar. Not only will you be able to enjoy these places but they’re all located within walking distance from most homes in this area making it easy for residents of any age group to spend time out and about!

Live in an Urban Environment But Still Have Spacious Homes If you want to live downtown but don’t like the idea of living in a tiny apartment, then there’s no need for concern. Many homes near Downtown Riverside offer extremely spacious floor plans that can fit any family size or individual lifestyle making it easy to find your perfect place! For example, The Suites At Riverwalk features one-bedroom apartments starting at $1400 per month with amenities such as Pool, Jacuzzi tubs, Business Center & Conference Room Access, Private Patio/Balcony, Fitness Center & Sauna, BBQ Areas. Prices vary depending on which floor plan you choose.

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