How to Repair Wide Cracks in Concrete

If your patio or driveway or any other concrete surface gets cracks then it is important for you to get it repaired at the earliest. Especially when the cracks are wide, you will need to ensure that the concrete is repaired quickly before it is damaged further. Hence, you will need to find out how to repair wide cracks in concrete so that you can use the simple DIY project for repairing the concrete.

Early inspection and repair is very extremely important but if the cracks are too large to repair then the concrete needs to be replaced and removed.

Along with becoming a tripping hazard, these cracked concrete can also reduce the curb appeal of your property. Therefore, you should not let the imperfections linger long in your property but hire concrete contractors to repair the crack in the concrete so that the issues will be resolved at the earliest.

The wide cracks that appear on the concrete should be sealed and patched with the use of concrete patching compound that is applied with trowel.

The repairs work is extremely important as it helps in enhancing the durability and strength of the damaged concrete members. But repairing wide cracks in concrete is a complicated task as you might not have the skills and expertise for this task.

This is the reason why you need to hire an experienced and trained concrete contractor who will complete this task in the best possible manner. It is important to get the cracks at the earliest because ignoring the problem might make it an expensive and bigger problem in future.

 Hiring professionals is the best option for carrying on the repair in an efficient manner. They will make use of high quality materials and advanced tools and equipment for completing the repairs so that you will continue using the concrete without any issues.

concrete crack

Repairing a crack in concrete that is wider than 5 mm involves cleaning of the surface of the crushed concrete or cracks which will remove all loose materials. The cracks are filled with the quick setting cement mortar grouts and for large cracks, V groove needs to be placed for placing the grouts easily. The concrete contractor also needs to use stone chips as these are the best filler material that will help in dealing with larger cracks.

Additionally, if the concrete membranes have been damaged heavily then shear reinforcements and reinforcements will be required for the repairs. Moreover, the use of epoxy coatings and polymer is also used for protecting the reinforcement from corrosion. After all the repairs work, the professionals will need stitch the cracks for preventing the widening of existing cracks so that it will not get deteriorated further.

 This method is also very efficient as it prevents cracks for widening and propagating so that you will not have to spend additional money for repairs.

For all kinds of concrete repairs work, you will need to contact the professionals of Concrete Pros Bend by visiting the website of the company This company offers the best team of experienced and skilled professionals who will undertake all kinds of repairs and replacement work in an efficient manner.

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