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Tips For Repairing Concrete Cracks, Foundations, Slabs & Driveways

Concrete foundations and slabs may over a period of time get damaged due to poorly prepared under-surface and also because of water penetration. When the soil of the sub-surface of - a concrete - is not compacted well, it can move and cause both minor and - major cracks. At times, the foundations might move. The minor repairs can be done by the owner. When it comes to major cracks and alterations in the concrete foundations, you will need the services of concreting and paving professional contractors to fix that, and that is where we come in. We will look at the different concrete cracks and how to repair them.

Repairing Small Cracks - Quick Fix

Concrete repair of small cracks can be handled by the homeowner. The cracks are minor and they require little expertise. The crack can be easily chiseled out. For the best results, the crack must be kept - wet for a minimum of 24 hours. As soon as the stated time elapses, the slurry of - concrete mist is then applied to the crack’s walls and then the heavier paste-like mist is dispensed into the cavity. The area repaired should then be kept well-covered and moist for between 5 and 7 days. This will allow the concrete to cure gradually.

Repairing Big Cracks and Uneven Slabs

The large cracks are in most cases connected to the - undersurface of slab setting, or even - washing away. To correct this, the slab - is removed, then a new bed - of the - gravel is placed, and finally a fresh slab - is then dispensed. Concrete repairs of this nature require the services of a professional contractor.

Slab jacking is one of the most common methods used by professionals in repairing uneven slabs and pavement. In this method, holes are - cut into the slab in parts which must be raised. The cores must then be removed for future use. The next step is to pump some wet - mix of - thick concrete under the slab through the holes. The slab is jacked (raised) into place as the pressurized concrete takes up the space.

With the use of the best concrete adhesive, the plugs that had been initially left out are replaced into the holes. The linear cracks that appear in the slab can also be repaired in - the same manner. The amazing thing about this method is that you can walk on top of the slabs right after they have just been repaired! However, the heavier - duty traffic will require to be - withheld until - the concrete is completely cured. The repair takes a period of between 3 and 7 days.

Foundation Repairs

Foundations can experience water washout or sometimes drastic settling. When this happens, these foundations require to be fixed through the installation of metal ground jacks. For this technique, the deep holes must first be drilled - into the surface. These holes must be of a depth of between 10 and 50 feets. As soon as the drilling is complete, the metal pipes are put into these - holes. Plates designed from angle-iron are then fortified to the foundation.

Hydraulic jacks can be used to raise the foundations to their initial levels. The pipes that are placed in the holes must cut to a specified length and then fused into the correct place on the angle iron. - After this process, appropriate drainage trenches are mounted alongside the foundations of the walls to eliminate any settling water.

Concrete Protection For Future Damage Prevention

Concrete can be damaged as a result insufficient surface concrete protection – lack of uniformity in color, chips, cracks, stains, residue, etc. There are a number of products that can protect raw or polished concrete from machinery, impact, stains, rust and more.

Major Causes of Concrete Cracking

At AAA Concreting, we have researched on various causes of concrete cracking. They include:

Freeze-Thaw Disintegration

Concrete is extremely porous. Whenever water gets in and freezes, it normally small flakes break off from the surface. This situation can be made worse by deicing salts. This situation is present in many premises especially in cold weathers of winter.

We have developed innovative ways that help in proper air entrainment into the concrete hence solving this problem once and for all.

Corrosion of Reinforcing Steel

When de-icing salts get into concrete, they weaken its alkalinity hence enabling chloride ions to get into the reinforcing steel which in turn causes corrosion. The steel bars rust with time, which causes the concrete to expand, hence causing pop off and cracks.

Plastic Shrinkage Cracks

This occurs when the surface is allowed to dry completely before concrete gains full strength. This leads to formation of tens of cracks on the surface of the concrete. They are normally ignored, since they in fact add glamor to some surfaces especially decorative concrete. What most people don’t know is that they can be fatal. We add proper curing to help solve the issue, or in some cases suggest fiber reinforcement of the concrete which is a permanent solution to this problem.

Alkali-Aggregate Reaction (AAR)

This results from a highly reactive aggregate present in concrete that forms a powerful gel around the aggregate, which destroys the concrete when it absorbs water or any other liquid. We have high-end lithium products that help us mitigate Alkali-aggregate reaction in you concrete.

Our Concrete Repair and Paving Methods

Whenever you are faced with a surface repair, we will send a team of investigators to assess the situation on the ground. They will then reveal the aggressiveness the repair needs. We will then send our team of trained, skilled, experienced, and professionals who will apply any of the following methods;

Installation of Overlays

This method is efficient in covering up surface problems. When we get into your premises, we will check the situation in detail and determine the best surface preparation method to use. We will then decide on the type of overlay to use, and by the time we leave, your concrete surface will never be the same again.

 Partial Depth Concrete Repair On Pavement

Here, we will follow the following process:

  • Cut along the edges of the spoiled area
  • Remove the damaged concrete
  • Thoroughly clean the area
  • Replace the reinforcing steel (if need be)
  • Place a repair mortal

 Full Depth Repair and Paving

Here, we will:

  • Remove the damaged concrete
  • Replace the reinforcing steel
  • Replace the concrete

Our concrete repair materials have the following characteristics. 


  • Possess bond, flexural, and comprehensive strength
  • Are thermal, abrasion, and freeze-thaw resistant
  • Have very low shrinkage capacity
  • Are functional
  • Are durable
  • Are versatile
  • Are unique

You do not have to spend a fortune trying to make your worn out concrete surfaces aesthetically appealing and strong again. AAA Concreting is here to provide you with the best concrete repair services from wherever you are around the United States of America. Our skilled concrete repair and paving experts are aboard our fully-equipped fleet waiting for your call.

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