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Why You Should Resurface Your Concrete Flooring or Driveway

Concrete resurfacing basically involves the application of a polymer modified overlay or thin cement based overlay to the top of the deteriorated concrete surfaces. The look of a dull concrete can affect the overall aesthetics of your home and irritate you to no end. However, with resurfacing concrete, your floor and other concrete surfaces will be transformed completely and you will be able to hide your existing concrete and give it a beautiful, new look.

Getting concrete resurfacing services is a great idea for a number of reasons, they include:

Cost Effectiveness

This concrete resurfacing method is a lot cheaper compared to removing your old concrete completely and replacing it with new concrete or any other type of flooring. In fact, you could save substantial amount money on the cost of labor and materials while still achieving the beautiful look of a new surface. The resurfacing is a great option which can also be used to repair old surfaces and hide damages; therefore you’ll get more for your money. It real doesn’t matter whether you need a basement floor, garage floor, patio, or pool coated, resurfacing will help you save time as well as money.

Increases the Look and Value of Your Home

The resurfacing usually goes above and beyond the basic idea of just upgrading the floor. Basically, it becomes an investment for your home, since it helps fix damaged, cracked and worn out floors to make them look appealingly new while adding some customized design aspect, thus increases the value of your home.

Increases Resilience to Future Wear and Tear

Materials which are used in the resurfacing process are very durable and some are even resistant to stains. They not only upgrade the look of the floor you’re resurfacing, but also increases resiliency to the tire marks, stains, and hide minor faults. As a matter of fact, you’ll have a new surface that has the potential to last for a longer period than your existing concrete surface.

Variety of Textures, Colors and Surfaces

The magnificence of this kind of resurfacing is that it can be tinted with unique colorants or stamped with certain patterns or finishes. This typically allows for customization of your concrete floors and achieves the specific design and setting you’re looking for without incurring the cost of the pricey materials.

Easy to Apply - Even Outdoor!

There is no need to spend time and money on trying to repair cracked or damaged concrete , or ripping out an old surface and having it re-poured. Generally, the products for resurfacing are self-leveling, meaning that there isn’t an extensive amount of work required in order to create a smooth and level surface. The resurfacing will upgrade the look of your floor and hide any prior imperfections or cracks. However, the most important thing that needs to be done is to make sure that the resurfacing products are well spread around the entire surface.

Prevents Corrosion

Resurfacing will help slow down the rate at which salts seeps into the structure and thus preventing corrosion to the surface.

Resurfacing concrete also improves the defense against temperature changes, heavy weight, shock, and other factors that are likely to lead to its deterioration.

Our Concrete Resurfacing Applications And Services

At AAA Concreting, we restore the beauty of your concrete by resurfacing it with a high-quality overlay. Whether you need to upgrade the look of your patio or cover the disappointing cracks in your walkway, our resurfacing services are your most ideal options. We present you with an array of concreteresurfacing choices; hence you can choose the surface that will best bring your concrete outdoor space to life.

We resurface:

Decorative Concrete Driveways, Walkways, and Sidewalks

Improving the look of your driveway or walkway is a wonderful decision that will add value to your property. Our desire is to see your outdoor space standout hence we will resurface your driveway, sidewalk, or walkway with decorative concrete overlays.

Our overlays have a broad range of decorative options including stamping, texturing, and coloring.

Our decorative concrete options for your existing concrete driveways, walkways, and sidewalks;

  • Saw cut patterns
  • Concrete engraving
  • Randomly cut patterns and,
  • Concrete polymer overlays

Concrete Patios

Do you have a great concrete patio that is in good shape, but not stunning to the eye? Does it still have that ever-boring greyish color? With us, you do not need to demolish it, or rip it off and start an upgrade. We will resurface it with micro-topping and cement-based overlays and surely bring it back to life. We will add a decorative touch to your concrete patio, and eliminate all the minor or major flaws in it.

After we apply an overlay to your concrete, we will then stain, stamp, engrave, or stencil it to add pop and color, or to make it a replica of natural stone, brick, slate, or tile.

We can:

  • Add glass and grey micro-topping to enhance the beauty of your concrete patio
  • Apply a decorative patio overlay that will make your premises unique and adorable
  • Install a concrete overlay that will transform the undesirable look of your patio

 Concrete Pool Decks

Are you bored by your current pool deck? Our resurfacing experts can help spice up the look of your concrete pool deck without having to demolish the old concrete and pumping in a new one. We will help you add glamor to your concrete pool deck, hence creating an appeal of natural stone, river stone, and other endless possibilities.

If your existing pool deck still has the greyish look common to every Dick and Harry, we will easily get rid of that by adding a decorative concrete overlay. We have an array of versatile concrete resurfacing products that trowel apply or spray on the concrete to add color, slip resistance, and texture.

We also resurface all types of concrete floors

Our overlay products easily blend polymer resins with sand, cement, and many other additives hence improving beauty, performance, and durability of the existing concrete.

Concrete Resurfacing Overlays

We use high-tech systems that resist:

  • Damage from ranging salts
  • Abrasion
  • Pool chemicals
  • UV exposure and,
  • Freeze-thaw conditions

Distinct types of concrete resurfacing solutions and overlays we use:

  • Skim and micro-topping coats
  • Epoxy coatings
  • Polishable overlays
  • Self-levelling overlays
  • Stamped concrete overlays and,
  • Spray down overlays

Why choose AAA Concreting?

We are:

  • Highly professional
  • Client-oriented
  • Available
  • Prompt
  • Reliable
  • Affordable
  • Quality-focused

The beauty of your concrete surface is our ultimate desire. For us, no concrete resurfacing is too big or too small for us, we will do it all. We have all the equipment and skilled workmanship to deliver the best services available in the 21st century market. Call us now; we will be at your door-step the next minute.

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