Rosie’s Dog Beach is a dog-friendly beach in Long Beach, CA area. The water is clean and there are plenty of dogs to play with, both on the sand and in the water. Rosie’s has several amenities for humans too. You can rent lounge chairs, umbrellas and towels; eat at one of their restaurants, or purchase food from vendors who come by on weekends. Dogs must be leashed at all times when not inside a fenced area.

There are a few things you should know about this amazing place. Read on!


Rosie’s Dog Beach was dedicated in August 1965. It was the first dog-friendly beach on the west coast and one of only a handful nationwide at that time! In later years it came to be known as Rosie’s Dog Beach, after its founder – Rose Marie Willson.

In 1990 an impressive overpass leading from Ocean Blvd. down to the sand was built for humans and their leashed dogs alike. The location is also convenient because there are restrooms nearby (for both people and dogs), a playground, a restaurant with outside seating…and many more things you’ll discover once you visit!

Pooch Paradise

One thing we love about this place is how much fun our pups have running around having new playmates or swimming in clean water along the beach.

There are also some amenities for your pup to enjoy! You can find doggy showers outside the restrooms, dog waste bag dispensers (with bags) near the entrances to the park and food bowls attached to many of the picnic tables in case you want your pet to have a drink while he’s waiting for his dinner.

Please Note…

While it’s fun for dogs at Rosie’s Dog Beach year-round, there are certain times when access is extremely limited or even closed off completely due to public safety concerns. This includes after heavy rains that lead them to close down sections of beaches nearby as well during special events like Air + Style Los Angeles. Please check with city officials before heading out so you know what areas are available for your pups to run around in!

Tips for Visiting

Carry Treats for Your Dog: This is especially important for dogs who are new to the beach. The sound of waves, smell of salt water and sight of other pups can be very intimidating at first!

Carry Water: This is something humans need on hot days like these, but it’s also essential for your pup if you’re visiting during the summertime (or any time they’ll be spending a lot of time in or near the water). It might be hard to find potable tap water along this section of coastline so make sure you bring bottled spring-water with you!

Bathe Your Pup Afterwards: Just like us, some dogs will enjoy playing in pools while others prefer showers. But no matter which he prefers after a day at Rosie’s Dog Beach, it’s a good idea to give him a thorough cleaning after he comes home with all that sand and salt water stuck in his fur.

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