Land Park is a highly desirable neighborhood in Sacramento, CA. It has a quaint feel and is close to downtown. Land Park offers singles many things that they might not find in other neighborhoods, such as bars and restaurants without the pretentiousness of some places. And if you want to get away from it all for a while, there are plenty of parks nearby or even just take a short drive outside the city limits to explore nature.

Singles should consider this area because of the following reasons:

Employment Opportunities

There are plenty of jobs in and around this location. This is a highly desired area to work, which means there are jobs galore.


Land Park is close to the city center and other great areas of Sacramento. There are also plenty of bars, restaurants, parks, etc all within a short drive from this location. This neighborhood really includes everything you could want or need in one convenient place!

Easy Accessibility for Transportation/Commute Times

This location has easy access to Highway 50 that will get you anywhere in the Greater Sacramento Area rapidly. It’s also right off Business 80 making it simple to commute into downtown during rush hour traffic times (which can be brutal). Plus if you like public transit options Land Park offers several bus lines running through here as well including Lines 27 & 30.

Close Proximity to Downtown Sacramento

All the events, nightlife, and restaurants are easily accessible from Land Park. The commute is short for those that work far off or live near downtown businesses where you could walk if desired. Plenty of Public Transportation Opportunities Whether it’s a bus stop right outside your front door or a quick drive downtown, there are ample transportation opportunities.

Parks and Recreation Nearby

Land Park has plenty of parks within walking distance where you can go to enjoy the outdoors. There are also popular spots like Fairytale Town for kids (and adults) that love amusement park rides; plus several others including soccer fields, biking trails, etc.

Plenty of Bars & Restaurants Close By

The bars here in Land Park don’t get too crowded with “hipsters” which is nice if you’re not into pretentious crowds looking down their nose at you because your clothes aren’t expensive enough or everyone else around them thinks they’re cool – whatever that means! Dining out is easy-peasy when it comes to close proximity restaurants located right in the neighborhood. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or want to sit down and enjoy a nice meal, Land Park has it all within walking distance!

In conclusion, singles should consider living in Land Park because of the many jobs, conveniences to other areas and attractions, ease of accessibility for transportation/commute times, close proximity to downtown Sacramento, nearby parks, and recreation opportunities including bars & restaurants!

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