Skid Row, Los Angeles CA

Los Angeles is known for its glamour and glitz, but there is a seedy underbelly to the City of Angels that few people like to talk about. Skid Row is an area in downtown LA that is home to many homeless people. The conditions there are deplorable – yet some people still choose to live there. So the question remains – should you live in Skid Row, despite having many homeless people?

Reasons to Live Here

Well, there are certainly some reasons to live in Skid Row. They include:

Lower Housing Prices

Unlike other parts of LA, housing prices in Skid Row are much more affordable. If you’re on a tight budget, this could be a major draw for you.


There are many parks in Skid Row, which is a major plus if you have kids or like to spend time outdoors.


Skid Row has a lively nightlife scene, with plenty of bars and clubs to choose from.

Diverse Neighborhood

Skid Row is one of the most diverse neighborhoods in all of LA. You’ll find people from all walks of life here – which can be both exciting and challenging.

Convenient Location

Skid Row is located right in the heart of downtown in Los Angeles. This means that you have easy access to all the amenities and attractions that the city has to offer. Also, because it’s a fairly small neighborhood, everything is within walking distance.


There are several public transportation options available in Skid Row, making it easy to get around the city.

Reasons to Avoid Living Here

Of course, there are also some reasons to avoid living here. They include:

Poor sanitary conditions

Most places in Skid Row are not well-lit, and there is a lot of litter and graffiti. The sanitary conditions are also poor, which can be dangerous for your health.

High crime rate

Skid Row has a high crime rate, so you need to be careful about walking around at night. There have been cases of people being mugged or even killed in this area.

Lack of services

Skid Row is a pretty impoverished area, and as such, there are not many services available. This can be frustrating if you need something that’s not readily available.

So – should you live in Skid Row? It really depends on your individual circumstances. If you’re looking for an affordable place to live and don’t mind the challenges that come with it, then Skid Row might be a good option for you. But if you’re looking for a more comfortable or safer neighborhood, then you may want to look elsewhere.

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