Fairmount Park is one of the largest parks in Riverside, CA area. It’s a great place to go for any type of weather and offers plenty of activities for individuals or groups! Here are some ideas on what you can do alone in Fairmount Park- just remember these are only suggestions!

Take a Walk

There are many walking trails in Fairmount Park that will give you a chance to relax and enjoy your surroundings. You can take a walk by yourself or with friends- there is no set number on how many people you must be with!

Play some Golf

If any of the walking trails sound like they would bore you, then golfing might be another great option for an activity you can do alone in Fairmount Park. There are a few different courses to choose from, so make sure to pick the one that works for your preferences!

Work on Your Fitness at The Riverside Sports Center

The Riverside Sports Center is an ideal place if you want to work out or play some sports as a solo activity. You can also check out their membership options and see how it could be beneficial for others who come with you!

Visit the Museum of Art & History (MAH)

If anything else sounds too strenuous, then visiting the museum might just be something simple yet fun that’s perfect for what you’re looking for when doing things alone in Fairmount Park. It has been rated very highly by many individuals so feel free to give it a shot!

Relax & Watch the Sunset

If you want an activity that requires little-to-no exertion then watching the sunset might be your best bet. It’s beautiful and offers some great opportunities for pictures! Make sure to bring along your camera if you plan on doing this with friends, but don’t forget about selfie sticks either 🙂

Take in Some History at The Mission Inn Hotel and Spa

While we’re talking about history, how does visiting one of Riverside’s most famous landmarks sound? You definitely won’t regret stopping by and checking out all there is to do here when looking through things to do alone in Fairmount Park. There are also plenty of other hotels nearby so keep them in mind as well!

Take a Stroll Around the Lake at Fairmount Park

And lastly, another great activity to do alone in Fairmount Park is simply walking around the lake! There are plenty of paths that will lead you all around it and give you some incredible views. You’ll also see many other interesting individuals during your walk as well- maybe strike up a conversation with one or two?

Enjoy Your Time Alone!

As long as you’re having fun then there isn’t anything wrong with doing things alone in Fairmount Park. It’s always more exciting when trying something new on your own so why not check out what this place has to offer today? Whether it be for exercise, relaxation or just simple pleasure there’s definitely going to be something that works for you!

Spend A Few Serene Hours in the UC Riverside Botanic Gardens
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