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Benefits Of Staining Concrete 

Most concrete contractors today are incorporating stained concrete flooring due to its increase in popularity in both commercial and residential settings. It offers a number of benefits including everything from low maintenance to durability to cost savings, which makes it the perfect choice for virtually any renovation project. In general, this innovative type of flooring is fast becoming popular with many homeowners these days since it provides a unique, aesthetic appeal by integrating countless decorative applications and designs.

Here are just some of the key benefits of using acid-stained concrete flooring, whether it's for your home or business.

Visual Appeal

Uniquely designed concrete-stained flooring has the ability to capture the high-profile look of much more pricey flooring options such as flagstone, granite, slate, sandstone, travertine, and even marble. You can achieve the same look as any one of these more luxurious materials for a mere fraction of the cost. Even applying just one color to a basic concrete floor will make them stand out in terms of both elegance and style.

Long-Lasting Durability and Resilience

No matter where it's installed, one of the best features about concrete-stained flooring is its high resistance to everyday wear and tear as well as to ultraviolet light, discoloration, and fading. In fact, concrete flooring in general offers incredible strength, durability, and will never flake, buckle, or warp like many other types of flooring. Different from painting a concrete floor, staining them prevents peeling and/or chipping as well.

Eco-Friendly Sustainability

Because concrete is a naturally energy efficient material, it's often manufactured from recycled products as a highly-sustainable product for building new designs. Other eco-friendly benefits include the fact that they almost never need replacement and offer little to no construction waste, unlike many other flooring products.

Increased Energy Savings

Concrete flooring has the capacity to store, absorb, and gradually release both coolness and heat. As a result, exposed concrete-stained flooring has the ability to significantly reduce the workload of HVAC equipment by controlling temperature swings indoors even while the temperature outside changes considerably.

Naturally Water Resistant

Acid-stained concrete flooring allows some moisture to seep into the floor without causing any harm or negative effects to the floor itself. Therefore, these types of floors won't rot, warp, fade, or discolor like the way so many other kinds of floors result in once they're exposed to even minimal amounts of moisture.

Enhances Better Indoor Air Quality

Beautiful concrete-stained flooring can encourage better indoor air quality by eliminating most or all issues with mold or mildew growth. Some other ways concrete floors promote better air quality include:

• Naturally repels dust mites
• Does not require harsh chemicals to be cleaned
• Moisture easily evaporates from the surface
• Installs with sealers that contain little to no VOC's (volatile organic compounds)

Virtually Maintenance-Free

stained concrete patioCompared to many other kinds of floors, concrete-stained flooring requires virtually little to no maintenance. They are easily swept or vacuumed and mopped as needed in order to maintain their visual appeal. High traffic areas may occasionally need some re-polishing in order to maintain their overall look and shine.

Stylish, elegant, highly-decorative stained concrete flooring comes in a variety of attractive colors and rich stains in order to create the special effects and look you desire. Call us to learn more about how installing concrete-stained flooring into your home or business can create a luxurious feel you never thought possible.

Stained Concrete Cost

The cost of stained concrete varies greatly. For a basic application, expect to pay $2-$5 per square foot.  For mid-range application, you will pay $6-$10 per square foot, while you can pay up to $20 or more per square foot for high-range applications.

Factors that influence the cost of stained concrete;

  • The surface prep requirement
  • The level of skill required
  • The type of sealer used
  • The size of the job
  • The cost of products required in your local market

AAA Concreting Concrete Staining Services

Staining Concrete Floors

Today, staining is the most popular way of improving the aesthetic quality of residential and commercial concrete floors. At AAA Concreting, we are aware of this, hence we have invested heavily in the best equipment, products, and skills that will help us keep up with the trends.

With our quality stains, we are able to add excellent hints of bold design accents, custom graphics, and color. We apply stains to both new and existing floors hence increasing the value of your property.

The satins we use penetrate deeply into the concrete hence making your floor fade-resistant, and ensuring it maintains a permanent color for a long time.

We offer both water-based and chemical-based acid stains depending on the look you want to achieve with your concrete floor.

Our goal is to always exceed your expectations. Below are some design ideas to staining concrete floors that will blow your mind.

  • Apply a variety of colors to resemble natural marble
  • Use decorative stencils, painter’s tape, or templates along with stains to create stunning custom graphics.
  • For water-based stains, apply them in bold colors so that you can produce attention-grabbing graphic treatments
  • Use a single color stain to produce a simple and elegant glare.
  • Combine saw cut patterns and decorative engraving with staining to achieve unimaginable patterns.

Types of floors that install staining

  • Kitchen floors
  • Bathroom floors
  • Entry-way floors
  • Garage floors
  • Concrete basement floors and,
  • Commercial concrete floors

 Stained Concrete Driveways and Walkways

At AAA Concreting, we know that staining is the most economical way to upgrade the look of existing and new driveways and walkways. Our stains will penetrate deep into the concrete surface hence producing a permanent fade-resistant color that will not peel away or flake off.

Our top design ideas

  • Apply many colors that will replicate the look of natural stone
  • Use stains along with saw cuts to develop a faux tile appearance
  • Add glamor to your driveway or walkway by adding a stained border in a different color
  • Use one stain color in a hue to create a simple design that will compliment your backyard
  • Use stain along with stencils, integral colors and concrete dyes to create super-quality custom graphics with exclusive decorative effects.

 Stained Concrete Patios

A stained concrete patio is the best structure you can have in your backyard. We offer an array of decorative effects that you can use in order to realize the design of your dreams, thanks to our top-quality water-based and acid-based chemical stains.

Our innovative design ideas for stunning stained concrete patios;

  • Add a stained border to your new or existing patio giving it an amazing look
  • Use multiple colors to give your patio the look of natural stone or marble
  • Use stencils to create custom graphics
  • Use antiquing stain to bring your patio back to life
  • Use a vine design to adorn your concrete patio

At AAA Concreting, we also have high-tech machinery for quality patterning and sawing. Try us today if all you need is a combination of quality, affordability, reliability, and durability of your stained concrete project.

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