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Concrete Stamping- Ideal For Patios & Most Other Floor Areas

The idea of stamping concrete was first introduced in the world of concrete early 1970s when builders saw that it was a good idea that came in with satisfaction of customers. There were few choices of design and color making concrete work limited in early days however the industry has really grown new, modern and stylish patterns have come up. A concrete applies in various different textures and surfaces, such as, highway, patios, driveways and even floors inside the house.  

It is important to find a qualified and skilled contractor once you settle on a favorable design. AAA Concreting is the ideal company for you for all the designs you need around the United States of America.

Stamped Concrete Design Tips

  • If your house is brick-patterned choose color that matches with the roof, indoor installations interior design scheme and walls. This motivates you from the surrounding home s architectural styles.
  • Get Ideas from other stamped concrete installations in the neighborhood. Photos and literature can also be of use.
  • There are professionals who can give information by giving you the big picture of imagination and together you can come up with a big pattern.
  • Contractors organize exhibitions and home expos for decorative concrete and beautiful pattern. Visit show rooms in your area where contractors display samples of patterns and color selections in the design centers. 
  • Variety of designs makes you to select specific pattern and color scheme that will not minimize time and effort wastage. It will help in budgeting for the decoration. Designs that compliment with the house or business will last long, hence it is important to make it highly visible and attractive.  

Concrete Stamping Techniques

There are three techniques that make these decorations more appealing than still resembling blocks or paved stones. These are:

  • The accumulation of accent color
  • The accumulation of a base color 
  • Stamping a pattern into the concrete

This is the use of secondary colors in stamped concrete. They are always used to bring out the texture in and show additional building materials. Color release has two purposes that are to color the concrete and to prevent the stamps from sticking to the concrete. The procedure for application is given by the professional having in mind the design of the customer. 


This is the use of primary color in stamping concrete, and it is done to reflect the color of natural building materials.

Powder pigments used to dye the concrete apply a hardened surface to the pattern. Cast –on color is a procedure the whole concrete is dyed on the base and spread on the color hardener and allowed to dry. This method only covers the base of the concrete only.


The pattern is made by implanting concrete shortly after it has been made with concrete they are mainly made of polyurethane, then style the stamp made of various metals and put on the concrete.

It is made to look like the ordinary product such as natural stone, brick or flagstone. It is made after color has been applied. The stamps are pushed in the concrete and removed where the pattern is stamped on the concrete. In order to make good this type of concrete, you have to consider accent color, base color and the pattern.

Cost of Stamped Concrete

At AAA Concreting, expect to pay $7-11 per square foot for basic stamped concrete. You might pay up to $20 per square foot for more involving projects.

The cost of stamped concrete however varies widely depending on the amount of labor required due to the complexity of the job, and the price of materials used in your local market.

Where Can You Use Stamped Concrete?

Stamped Concrete Patios

A stamped and colored concrete patio is a perfect decorative strategy that offers astounding beauty and utmost durability exterior concrete. We construct high-end stamped concrete patios that give the impression of natural stone at the best prices in the United States.

Our stamped concrete patios give a broad range of decorative options that you cannot find in other materials. Whether you need one with brick, stone, or wood textures, we will deliver.

Stamped Concrete Driveways

Our stamped concrete driveways present you with unlimited options to choose from, hence enabling you to come up with the design of your dreams. Using stamps, we will create mimics of popular materials such as field stone, brick, natural stone, and cobblestone.

Our cutting-edge equipment allow us to pump stamped concrete driveway into place without having to manually place individual units, hence there are high chances that your driveway will be ready way before the time we agreed while signing the contract.

We not only have a wide range of textures and patterns available, but we also have distinct coloring methods such as integral color, powdered pigments, and stains that will give your stamped concrete driveway an authenticated glare.

Stamped Concrete Pool Decks

Our stamped and colored concrete is an ideal choice for your pool deck surface. It combines the elements of aesthetics, low maintenance, and maximum durability. With us, you can choose unlimited decorative options such as tile, wood-grained, brick, and stone patterns.

We seal our stamped concrete with quality seals; hence it is able to withstand fading, consistent water exposure, and harsh pool chemicals. Additionally, we improve the traction of our stamped concrete on your pool deck by adding a non-skid grit additive into the sealer which makes the pool deck non-slippery.

Other Places We Use Stamped Concrete

  • Augmenting fireplaces or walls with upright stamped overlays
  • Constructing concrete floors stamped with slate, fieldstone, wood plank, or slate patterns in entryways, bedrooms, basements, and kitchens.
  • Bringing existing concrete floors back to life with ‘stampable’ polymer modified overlays that offer a broad range of design options found in conventional stamped concrete.
  • Adding decorative designs to all concrete elements such as bathroom vanities, bar tops, and countertops.

 Popular Stamped Concrete Colors

The most popular stamped concrete colors that we use are:

  • Walnut
  • Steadman Buff
  • Venetian Pink
  • La Crescenta
  • Dark Red
  • Arizona Tan and,
  • Platinum grey

Stamped Concrete Patterns 

The major stamped concrete patterns that we use are:

  • English Yorkstone
  • Fractured slate
  • Cobblestone
  • Fractured Earth
  • River stone
  • Limestone
  • Ashlar Stone
  • Sandstone and,
  • Natural stone

Why Choose AAA Concreting?

You should consider the followinng before choosing a concreting company for your stamped concrete needs:

  • Reputation
  • Experience
  • Reliability
  • Trust, honesty, and accountability
  • Quality of products and services
  • Licensing and insurance
  • Outstanding customer service

At AAA Concreting, we have all these qualities - and more!

If you want to increase the value of your property, call AAA Concreting and get the best stamped concrete services. You will not regret it!




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