Located in Sacramento, CA, Crocker Art Museum is a museum with an extensive collection of late 19th- and early 20th century paintings. It has been called one of the most well-known art museums in Northern California. Its origins date back to 1890 when it was founded by wealthy businessman Charles Crocker.


The museum originally opened its doors in 1923 as The Charles M. Crocker Art Gallery which specialized exclusively in American artworks from the post Civil War era. In 1958, it merged with the adjacent George C. Page Museum (a natural history museum) and became known as The Crocker/Page Museum until 1982 when it reverted to its original name of “Crocker Art Gallery”. Finally, on November 6, 1998, it became Crocker Art Museum.

Today, the museum is known for its European and American art collection with a particularly strong focus on California impressionism as well as works by Pablo Picasso, Auguste Rodin, and Rembrandt Van Rijn. It also features an expansive number of Native American artifacts which date back to 6000 BC through the early 20th century.

Fun Facts

* The museum is a Smithsonian affiliate institution

* It was the first art museum in California to have a permanent collection of European paintings on display. During that time, it also hosted some of the most important artists from Europe including Claude Monet and Auguste Rodin. In fact, Rodin’s “The Thinker” statue is one of its most treasured works.

Things to do

There are many things to do here, including:

Learn some history: This is the perfect museum for history buffs. Also, make sure to check out the museum’s website for any special events that might be taking place.

Take a picture with “The Thinker”: This famous Rodin sculpture is housed within the Crocker Art Museum and it makes for an excellent backdrop if you’re looking to take some memorable pictures.

Visit during one of their many exhibits: The museum hosts various exhibitions throughout the year so keep checking back! These are often accompanied by talks, lectures, workshops, demonstrations, tours, and more.

Be inspired: Since this location houses over 15k works of art including paintings from the American impressionism period as well as the European post-impressionism period there is no doubt that being here will inspire your creative side! inspiration in beauty everywhere you go.

See the art: The Crocker Art Museum features some of the most beautiful works by famous artists in California, Europe, and North America.

Participate in events: There are many different types of events held here including workshops, film screenings, lectures with well-known authors/artists, and more.

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