The History of Fort Worth, TX

The history of Fort Worth dates back to 1849 when General William Jenkins Worth, an Mexican-American war hero, who built a camp on the banks of the Trinity River with the aim of protecting the settlers in this area from Native Americans. He named this camp Fort Worth after his name.

In 1849, the camp was moved to the north after an order was issued to Major Ripley S. Anold. The US War Department named the new post Fort Worth in the same year.

Since this area was close to the Chisholm Trail and the convenience it brought to the Midwestern region, communication and transport remained key in its fast development. It was made the eastern terminus for California and San Diego by the Arizona and Texas Pacific Railway in the 1870s. In the same period, it was made the eastern terminus for Yuma by the Yuma Stage Line.

In 1876, the Pacific Railway was connected to Fort Worth. Soon after, the Fort Worth Stockyards was changed into a commercial livestock center, and business started taking shape. Saloons, gambling parlors, and entertainment joints came up, and people would come long distances to have fun in this small town.

The 20th century ushered in world war I. a camp known as Camp Bowie was established by the United States Army in Fort Worth, and over 100, 000 soldiers were trained here. Additionally, three airfield were transformed into aviation training centers by the United States Airforce.

Later on, oil was discovered in Texas and three Giant companies namely Texaco, Humble Oil and Refining Company (later renamed Exxon Company, USA) Sinclair Refining Company operated from Fort Worth, leading to the formation of the oil stock exchanges in this city.


Today, Fort Worth has established itself as an economic hub. There are thousands of successful businesses which offer people from America and the rest of the world with employment; hence contributing to the country’s GDP. Additionally, the city presents itself as a center of higher education with reputable institutions such as Texas Wesleyan Un, University of North Texas iversity Health Science Centre, Fort Worth Campus of the University of Texas, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and Texas Christian University.

This city also boasts of a number of attractions for visitors and locals including museums, parks, museums, zoos, and a host of start-of-the-art entertainment joints.

Some of the notable attractions in this city include Fort Worth Zoo which is the oldest in Texas having opened in 1909, Fort Worth Water Gardens, Fort Worth Amusement Park, and the Texas Civil War Museum.

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