The History of Sacramento, CA

Being the capital city of the State of California, the seat for the Sacramento County, and the central city for the four –county Sacramento metropolitan area, there is no doubt that Sacramento is a city with a rich history. It lies on a 99.2 square miles, in which 2 square miles is water and 97. 2 is land. Since it is located at the confluence of the American River and the Sacramento River, it is popularly known to the locals as the River City.

The history of the city began when John Sutter set foot at the confluence of the American River and the Sacramento River in 1939. In an effort to establish an agricultural community, Sutter developed the Sutter’s Fort. This attracted investors who were looking for opportunities.

In 1848, this area made a significant development when gold was discovered in neighboring foothills. This transformed the community at Sutter’s Fort from an agricultural Community to a mining and trading one. This was later called the ‘Gold Rush.’

During the gold rush season, the community in this area built houses out of wood and covered them with canvas. The structures were often destroyed by raging fires, and this lead to the development of the first ever volunteer fire department on the western side of the United States.

The fact that the city had a huge waterfront location did not always come as a blessing. The area was prone to flooding, a calamity that hit the community here several times. This made developers to come up with a plan to raise the city, and this came into being after the devastating flood that swept buildings across the city.


In 1884, the California State Legislature moved to the city of Sacramento in California, and the city was named the state capital in 1879.

The blend of the new status and strategic location of the city led to the abrupt development of the city. Population increased and businesses boomed. Railway companies started linking the city with other areas, and in no time, Sacramento became a major transportation and distribution point as well as the home of great attractions such as Sacramento – Railroad Museum. Engine companies 1 and 2 were formed in 1872, and the Sacramento Fire Department became the first commercial fire department in the western side of Mississippi.

The city saw a lot of technological advancement in the late 1880’s and the early 1900’s. Longer extension ladders were made, and rubber hose replaced the copper-riveted leather hose.  Street automobiles and cars replaced the horse carriages. Motorized apparatus replaced steam-operated pumpers. Also, the fire department received motorized vehicles in 1912.

By the end of the 20th century, the city had grown rapidly, and population increased. In the 21st century, this city is highly civilized. It is a technological hub that is an admiration of many all over the world. People come here for business, education, and opportunities. It is a livable place with a host of modern schools, health facilities, transport system, find dining restaurant like Sacremento – Mulvaney’s B&L Restaurant and lots of attractions.

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