The History of San Jose, CA

The area in which San Jose, CA lies was first inhabited by the Ohlone Indians. They had chosen this area because it had adequate supply of water from the Guadalupe River. However, in 1777, Spanish settlers came into the area and named this place El Publo de San Jose Guadalupe. The reason why this city has a unique history is because it is regarded as the first civilian settlement in California.

The Spanish settlers chose this place because it had adequate supply of water, and because the water from the Guadalupe River connected other cities that had been planned by the Spanish Government.

Additionally, this area had a fertile land which was used, and is still used for farming. The produce from the farms was enough to feed all the people who had settled in the area.

San Jose grew slowly such that the Spanish government halted its plans for more settlers to come in. from then, nobody was interested in the area until mid-1840 when Americans came and they developed interest in the land.

A word went round that the area was incredibly fertile, and within no time, the population started growing. This led to rapid growth, which led to the San Jose being named the first capital of California.

For years, San Jose remained one of the largest food producers in the United States. The spirit that was authored by its forefathers still ran in the blood of many, and it still does until today. However, by the mid-20th century, the economy shifted from farming to electronics and more advanced products used in space exploration.

Today, San Jose is the third largest city in California. It is home to a myriad of food processing plants and canneries. Despite having many booming businesses, this city still feeds the United States through agriculture.

Being an integral part of the Silicon Valley, electronic and aerospace manufacturing companies have been attracted to the city. Having invested billions of dollars, these companies have greatly boosted the economy through creating employment to dozens of people and payment of taxes.


San Jose is also an educational hub, hosting different institutions of higher learning. Some of them include the San Jose State University which was opened in 1871, Stanford University, and the Santa Clara University which is located a few miles away in Santa Clara.

This city also hosts many attractions for locals and visitors alike. Some of them include the Centre of performing arts, San Jose Museum of Art, Alum Rock Park, Kelly Park, Historical Museum, San Jose Municipal Rose Garden, and San Jose Convention Centre.

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