One of the most iconic shipwrecks in history, the Queen Mary continues to amaze and intrigue people today. The story of this grand ocean liner has been told and retold countless times over the decades, but there is still so much you don’t know about her!


This is a ship that was built to impress. In 1934, the Queen Mary launched from Clydebank, Glasgow as the world’s largest and most luxurious ocean liner. She was named after England’s reigning monarch at the time: Queen Mary (consort of King George V).

Construction & Launch

The construction of this Scottish-born vessel took place from October of 1934 to 1936. At the time, she was designed as a British vessel and for luxury travel between New York City and England via Cunard’s Southampton-New York line. She also served as a troopship during World War II when called upon in 1939 in order to evacuate children over from Britain through Canada so they would be safe from the war going on around them both at home and abroad.

After being launched, Queen Mary set sail for her maiden voyage on May 27th, 1936 with King George VI (Queen Elizabeth II’s father) onboard along with his wife Queen Elizabeth (the future queen consort). The launch of this ocean liner proved that Great Britain still had plenty of power left after losing WWI just 15 years prior.

Her Accolades & Record-Breaking Stats

The Queen Mary sailed for 24 years until 1967 when she was retired from service and purchased by the city of Long Beach to be permanently docked as a hotel that is still open today! As far as accolades go, this ship has quite a few under her belt:  

* The first Cunard liner without rivets

* She made history during World War II with an impressive number of troops transported (over 200,000)

* 60 million people have traveled on board over the course of her life – more than any other ocean liner in maritime history

* A speed record holder at one point; transatlantic crossings took just five days after one voyage

Why She is a Unique Attraction

This ship is a floating city with over 700 crew members and staff onboard. It has an incredible number of rooms – enough to house almost 3000 guests! With that many people, you can imagine how big this ship really is: she weighs 81000 tons and stretches nearly 300 meters in length (over 900 ft).

Her current life as a hotel may be her most unique role yet because the public gets to explore areas otherwise closed off since it was still operating as a cruise liner. The Queen Mary’s grand halls are perfect for hosting weddings or other special events too which adds another dynamic element to her allure; there truly isn’t anything else like it on the west coast!

Visiting Today

With five restaurants, 23 bars/lounges, and 13 unique shops onboard, the Queen Mary is a fantastic place to spend an afternoon or evening with friends and family. There are also over 25 different types of rooms available for overnight stays too which range from deluxe staterooms to full suites.

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