The Importance Of Applying A Mastic Asphalt Roof On A Concrete Substrate

When you finally own a home that you can call your own, you realize that maintenance is something that you need to stay on top of; otherwise, you’re going to be faced with a multitude of issues. One part of the structure that is often overlooked is the roofing of the home. Issues like water leaks and other related damages can be frustrating since they can evolve into bigger problems if left unattended—one effective way is to install a roof made of mastic asphalt. There are also other reasons why you should consider installing this type of finish. Read on to learn the importance of applying a mastic asphalt roof on a concrete substrate.

Installing The Asphalt

Before you install the mastic asphalt roof, there are different measures that you should take to do a perfect job. First and foremost, it is essential to ensure that the rooftop is clean and free of debris, and you can do this by brushing the entire substrate. The next stage is to apply the primer around the skirting and set out the required battens. The blocks of asphalt should be mixed, and these must be divided into portions. After successfully installing the asphalt, you can finish off with a layer of solar reflective paint.


If you want to prevent leaks, asphalt roofing is an effective waterproofing method that you can consider. It is good to consult asphalt roofing specialists to gain insight into the significance of applying asphalt. An asphalt roof can be customized for both light and heavy use to give you 100% seamless waterproofing. Mastic asphalt consists of limestone components that are bound together by bitumen. The material contains no voids once it has been bound and applied.

Environmentally Friendly

Apart from waterproofing your roof, asphalt is environmentally friendly and is also 100% recyclable. This perfect roofing material does not cause any carbon footprint that can affect the environment. The material does not affect your health or your family’s, which makes it ideal for home use.

Highly Skilled And Experienced Installers

Professional asphalt installers are highly experienced and skilled. You can enjoy peace of mind if the tried and tested system is installed by a trained professional. The material is applied in the form of hot molten liquid that molds around the applied area. Special polymers are also added to help prevent slipping.

Low Maintenance

Another benefit of installing asphalt roofing is that it is easy to maintain, and it can last up to 50 years which can save you money in the long run. If you encounter a problem with your asphalt, you can repair it easily. You should also clean it to keep it free of debris that can cause undesired issues.  

If you are thinking of protecting your home against water leaks and other damages, you should consider installing mastic asphalt on concrete substrate. Before you apply this substance, you should know how to do it or consult an experienced contractor in this area. This kind of material is also environmentally friendly, and it does not pose any danger to humans or animals.


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