The Lawrence Hall of Science, located in Oakland, California area is a museum that features interactive exhibits for children and adults. The museum focuses on the sciences, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) topics.

If you are interested in visiting the Hall of Science then here are some fun facts about this great institution!

It Has an Interesting History

This museum was opened by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in 1971. The science center is located on the University of California, Berkeley campus and it has been built to be a hands-on learning museum for children and adults alike! This museum has a long history with Berkeley and it is also known as the birthplace of PLATO, the computer-based education program that helped to pave the way for today’s online learning.

The Museum Has an Extensive Collection

In addition to being one of California’s top science centers, this museum also houses more than 22 exhibits! Some examples include:

* Spangler Science Theater – this theater shows regular films on topics such as earthquakes or flight

* The Discovery Room – this room features hands-on activities from different STEM fields * Big Ideas Math Studio – visitors can explore math through games and challenges

* Solar System Walkway – visitors will be able to see how planets move around our sun throughout their lifetime

The Hall of Science Has Great Exhibits

This exhibit center houses over 500 exhibits that will keep you entertained all day long. Many of the exhibits are interactive and there is a great hall that has a giant periodic table on the floor. This science center also houses an IMAX Dome Theater which will show you many amazing films from around the world!

The Hall of Science Has Amazing Programs for Kids

There are some awesome programs at this museum for kids to enjoy as well. The Explore program allows children ages 11 years old or younger to explore certain areas with their adult partners.  Also, for those interested in science and technology, there is a summer camp that will teach your child about the power of science through fun experiments!

Adults Learn A lot Too!

Many adults enjoy visiting the Hall of Science as well. There are many exhibits that will teach you about technology and science in new ways! This museum is a great way to spend your day with family or even by yourself!

The Lawrence Hall of Science Is an Amazing Place to Bring Your Family or Classroom! If you are looking for a hands-on museum to visit then look no further than the Lawrence Hall of Science. There are many amazing exhibits here as well as great programs throughout the year geared towards children young and old alike. This place has over 500 interactive exhibits which make it perfect for all types of learning styles! Come on out today and learn something new at this incredible institution located right in Oakland, CA.

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