The Modern Way of Polishing Concrete Floors

Concrete floors are very popular in both residential and commercial buildings. They are very sustainable and long lasting. However, concrete floors are not naturally appealing after their initial installation. Concrete is naturally rough in texture. In order to create an appealing look to concrete floors, polishing the surface is a must. There are many ways to polish concrete floors but not every one of them can produce desirable results. The best way to polish concrete floors is to ready the floor first before actually polishing it.

Aligning the floors at a level surface is the first step. If your current concrete flooring is not levelled with one another, you should consider pouring new concrete on its surface. You should be able to make the floor perfectly flat with an accurate level finish. This way, you have lesser work to do in polishing the floor. Grinding the surface also helps ensure flat surface on all your concrete floors. It will also reveal the aggregates within the concrete, which will be visible in the final finish.

As you can see, the floor is nice and flat, there are still pits and divots in it though, so the first stage of the polishing process is actually grinding the surface away. This will firstly make it perfectly flat but it will also expose the aggregates within the concrete. These coloured stones will then be visible in the final finish; this is what makes it attractive and interesting to look at. Without this stage you would simply be polishing the very fine sand and cement portion of the concrete and you would be left with a plain grey floor surface. To know more about concrete floor polishing, visit the main source of the article.

Some people go for tiles and other flooring materials for their home. Although these materials also produce quality appearance to the entire designs of the home, creating a completely distinct look with other homes might not be entirely possible. Many tile designs are already very common in many households. For this reason, you might want to consider getting polished concrete floors instead.

What are the drawbacks? It might sound obvious but it’s very, very hard. If you fall, it will hurt. It will need regular resealing – probably once a year. It’s cold underfoot too, so you might want to consider underfloor heating, which will, of course add to the cost. It is also messy to install and really must be done by a professional. Go to the main site to read the entire article.

Although polished concrete is already highly durable, it would still require some maintenance to maintain its quality. Without proper maintenance, it will eventually lose its strength and structural damages might start to occur. The surface of the polished concrete should be well-maintained, not just to avoid losing its strength but also to maintain its shiny appearance. Maintaining polished concrete floors only involves regular mopping and sweeping.

Daily maintenance is necessary to keep floors looking clean and polished. This includes dust mopping, to avoid an accumulation of dirt and wet mopping, using a cleaner rather than water, for a more efficient clean. If these simple tasks were completed each day, the polished concrete floor will only continue to shine each day. Get more tips at the main source of the article.

If you are planning to construct a new home, you should seriously consider getting polished concrete for its flooring. Although the polishing process can be done on your own, it is still highly recommended to hire professionals to do the task. Polished concrete floors look shinier and cleaner than any other kinds of flooring today. There are also modern products that you could use to maintain the shine of polished concrete.

When preparing your home for renovation, you should consider storing your possessions in a secure and dry storage unit.

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