The Value of Concrete Patios

According to many homeowners, patios play a big part in the aesthetics of a house. It can make a difference in the selling value of a property. Patios are also seen as luxury structures, and this is the reason why many homeowners today would prefer installing one in their homes. The value of patios can be directly visible from its appearance. A well-constructed patio improves the appearance of your kitchen, thus improving the overall cost of your house. This is why it always important to choose the right kind of patio and the right builder.

There are different types of patios, and each type is differentiated with specific building material. The most common type of patio is the concrete patio. A concrete patio is very durable and can be customized in various ways. This is because its building material is concrete which is known to be one of the most durable construction materials ever. While there are other options and materials to choose from for your patio, a poured concrete patio is always considered as the optimal choice for most homeowners today.

Trying to calculate the exact cost of concrete patio installation is not easy because each project can vary so much in style and size. Even different geographic locations have different average prices for this service. On average, homeowners should expect that the costs of installation alone, which excludes the material prices listed above, will run anywhere from $2.50 per square foot all the way up to nearly $8 per square foot. Go to this website to know how much will a patio cost in your area.

The cost of a concrete patio differs depending on the materials used. Plain concrete patios are the cheapest since no additional finishing or sealing materials are used. Tiled and patterned patios may cost quite a bit, mainly depending on the complexity of the project. For starters, you need to think carefully about the appearance that you want, the size of the patio, and the available space you have. The overall design of your desired patio will determine its overall cost.

Needless to say, the farther the concrete has to travel, the most expensive it will be. In fact, according to our concrete delivery cost guide, the national average is $3,800. Furthermore, the larger or more complex your patio design is, the more expensive it will be. Finally, any added color will increase your total patio price. Staining or using stamped concrete is more expensive than the traditional gray. For detailed information about patio costs, check out

Concrete patios have a lot more advantages than other types of patios. They are environmentally friendly, and they are considered much stronger and more durable than composite or wood deck patios. Furthermore, concrete patios require less maintenance and can last for several years. If you are considering installing a concrete patio somewhere in your property, talk to a local contractor today.

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