As a California resident, I have been to many museums in my life. Some of them were great and some not so much. When you visit a museum, there are certain things that you should and shouldn’t do while inside the building. Here is a list of things not to do in California Museum, located in Sacramento, California area:

Don’t Touch Anything

While you might be tempted to touch the exhibits, you should never do it. While some museums are okay with guests touching items, California Museum is not one of them. The staff warns that many objects in this museum have been restored or repaired and can be easily damaged if mishandled by visitors.

Don’t Stand Too Close to Artwork

The minimum distance between artwork and visitors is about two feet. Sometimes, if you stand too close to the art, it can block other viewers from looking at and enjoying the piece of work. Unless you plan on giving them a really good look, make sure that there’s enough space between you and the artwork when in the museum.

Don’t Forget To Turn Your Cell Phone Off

Many museums offer guided tours for their guests and some even require mobile phones to be turned off during these tours in order to keep noise levels low and provide an optimal experience for all people present inside of the building. Please remember this rule before entering the California Museum so that your visit won’t turn into an awkward silence with everyone staring at you while waiting for you to get out your phone!

Don’t Rush

Museums are not known for their amazing speed. They can be very slow and may take a while to look at every single piece of artwork, so try your best to enjoy the entire experience instead of trying to rush through it in order to see everything before you leave!

Don’t Be Rude To Employees

These people work hard every day in order to provide guests with an unforgettable museum tour. Please remember that they’re only doing this because they love what they do and want everyone involved inside the building to have a great time there. If someone asks you something or tells you something is inappropriate, please listen and follow their instructions as quickly as possible since all staff members know what’s best for visitors when on property!

Don’t Litter

This is a golden rule that should never be broken in any place, but it’s especially important when inside a museum. Please make sure to throw away your trash and keep the environment clean for everyone! Don’t try to hide it or ignore other people who are doing this; just leave the building with everything you brought inside of there and dispose of all items properly at home!

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