Things to do at the Miami Holocaust Memorial, North Miami FL 33139

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The Miami Holocaust Memorial is a place of remembrance for those who perished in the Holocaust. The memorial in North Miami FL 33139 stands as a reminder to future generations of the atrocities that took place during these dark days. Visitors can take tours, visit an art gallery, and read informational signs about subjects like Nazi propaganda techniques.

Enjoy Beautiful Sculptures and Artwork

Miami Holocaust Museum boasts of impressive sculptures and artwork. The artwork can be seen inside the museum or outside in a garden setting. Inside, visitors will find sculptures of life-size people with their hands up as if being led to concentration camps.

The museum provides information about the Nazis and those who collaborated with them. The history is presented in a way that’s easy to understand, making it interesting for children as well as adults.

View Artifacts from Concentration Camps

There are artifacts on display at Miami Holocaust Museum from concentration camps such as Auschwitz-Birkenau, Majdanek, Belzec, Sobibor, and Gross Rosen. These include things like shoes of prisoners or pieces of barbed wire fence used around some camps. Kids can even try on a prisoner outfit so they feel what it was like wearing these clothes every day during their time here on Earth.

Listen to Stories From Survivors

Visitors will enjoy tours given by actual survivors who tell stories about their time at concentration camps. The guides are passionate about sharing their stories so that people learn from the dark history of World War II and do not repeat it in future generations. If you’d like, there’s even a chance to take part in an escape room where visitors will have to solve puzzles in order to flee before being caught by Nazi soldiers.

Visit Café & Gift Shop

There’s also a café and gift shop for visitors to enjoy after their tour. While in the cafe, be sure to sample some of the traditional Jewish food that was eaten by Jews during World War II. Experience an important piece of history at the Miami Holocaust Memorial Museum, where you’ll learn about daily life for those who lived through this terrible time in world history.

Make a charitable donation

The Miami Holocaust Memorial Museum is a nonprofit organization. They rely on donations to maintain their exhibits and continue educating people about the immense tragedy of World War II. Make a donation when you visit or by ordering an official Miami Holocaust memorial T-shirt, hat, tank top, sweatshirt, wallet card set online.

Make it Your Own Experience

Those who want some extra time to explore North Miami Beach’s attractions after touring this historic museum may consider staying overnight in one of the South Florida Beachfront Hotels!

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