Castle Park in Riverside, CA is a beautiful place to spend the day. The park has plenty of amenities including picnic areas, playgrounds, and fields for sports activities. It’s also home to numerous events throughout the year that are sure to be fun for everyone!

Some of the things to do here include:

Picnicking With Friends

Do you love spending time outdoors with your friends and family? Well if so, then you’ll love spending a day at Castle Park! The park is full of beautiful trees that provide plenty of shade to relax under. You can also enjoy some delicious food from one of the local vendors who sell snacks throughout the year. In addition, there are often special events held here featuring live entertainment such as music concerts or outdoor movies for everyone to enjoy together

Kids Activities

There’s no better place than Castle Park to have fun with kids! There are numerous playgrounds located throughout the park where children can run around and let off steam while parents socialize nearby. At times during certain seasons, many festivals will be occurring which include activities just for little ones like arts & crafts, games, and even rides!


If you’re in need of some healthcare services, then Castle Park is the perfect place to get it! The park has a medical center that provides basic health care like physicals and lab work. This can also be used as an urgent walk-in clinic for minor injuries or conditions.

Many Things to Do

Castle Park offers many other amenities besides just picnicking and kids activities! You’ll love playing sports on one of the fields located throughout the park. There are even special events held here such as concerts by local bands which provide entertainment all year round. In addition, there’s also a skatepark nearby where visitors can enjoy skating around obstacles if they choose to bring their own equipment with them. All in all, this beautiful Riverside location has a little bit of everything to offer!

Fitness Activities

Are you looking for a place to exercise? If so, then Castle Park is the perfect spot! The park has fields where soccer players can practice their skills. There are also two bocce ball courts available at no extra cost which provide hours of fun entertainment. Finally, if you’re up for something more extreme than jogging through trails around the perimeter of the park will be sure to get your heart pumping!

Castle Park certainly offers everything anyone could ever want in one location making it an ideal destination when spending time with friends or family while visiting Riverside CA!

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