Things To Do In Dallas, TX

When you visit Dallas, TX, make every minute count. Do not spend all your time in the most famous places, thinking that you will get the best out of your visit. This Texas metropolis has a lot to offer for visitors and locals alike.

While parks and museums are common in every city and you might not be interested in them, there are a few attractions that are exclusively found in Dallas, TX. Below are some of the unique things to do in this city.

View the city from the peak of the Reunion Tower

This is where your exploration mission of this beautiful city should start. This tower is 500 feet high, which means that when you are at the top, you will have a rare chance to get an eagle’s-eye view of the city below. Well, we if you are a photo fanatic, this tower will enable you to take as many pictures as you can from the sky.

When you are 500 feet from the ground, it means that you will not just see the Dealey Plaza and magnificent buildings below. You will also see the Margret Hunt Hill Bridge which crosses the Trinity River from a distance.

Take pictures at the pioneer plaza

At the pioneer plaza, there is more than meets the eye. There are 50 bronze steers, horses and riders that occupy a large space of the land it lies on. Also known for its picturesque man-made waterfall and cliffs, this destination will provide you with an opportunity to take professional pictures that will give you great memories of Dallas for as long as you live.

Learn the History of a US president at the George Bush Presidential Centre

The George Bush Presidential Centre is located at the southern Methodist University and offers visitors with an intimate look at the years when President George Bush was in office as America’s President. There is an oval office that mimics the president’s office, and a famous exhibit that focuses on 9/11.

Perhaps the most interesting thing you will find in this place is a list of people who made a huge living impersonating the president.

Stand on the place where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated

When concluding your visit to Dallas, TX, stand on the exact spot where Lee Harvey Oswald stood when assassinating President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963.

This spot is on the 6th floor of the former Texas School Book Depository, which has today been converted into a museum that displays the president’s legacy, deeds, and private life.

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