Downtown Los Angeles, CA

DTLA would not have landed on an out-of-towner itinerary a few decades back. Downtown Los Angeles was a bustling city that has since been transformed into a collection of postmodern high rises. It’s all different now. Downtown has a lot of work ahead, but it is in the middle of an architectural, retail and institutional revival that makes the area a walking-friendly, Metro-friendly destination. It’s home to beautiful buildings, restaurants, and destination-worthy eateries. These are the things you can do in Downtown Los Angeles to get to know Bunker Hill and its Historic Core.

A quick reminder: Although it is home to L.A.’s largest cluster of high-rise buildings, DTLA has a distinct feel from other downtowns. First, L.A. has many cultural attractions all around the city. They are not limited to Downtown. The neighborhood is likely to lack the same shine as a large American city’s downtown. Not every block will feel family-friendly. We think visitors can find many amazing things if they arrive open-minded.

1. The Walt Disney Concert Hall’s bizarre architecture is a sight to behold

The centerpiece of the Music Center’s Music Center, Disney Hall was opened to rave reviews in 2003. This venue is still a novelty. The hall was designed by Frank Gehry and is home to the LA Philharmonic as well the LA Master Chorale. However, there are many events throughout the year. You can also take advantage of the audio tour or wander the many nooks and corners around the hall including the hidden garden.

2. Grand Central Market offers egg sandwiches and tacos

This century-old location is well worth the trip, even if it’s not for its food. People by the city of Los Angeles mingle with each other among rows of produce, spices and neon signs. It’s a good place to find cheap food like pupusas at Sarita’s Pupuseria or carnitas at Tacos Tumbras a Tomas, and chow mein and other tasty dishes from China Cafe.

3. At the Broad, you can play underneath the table

We usually start off any article about this free contemporary art museum by saying three words: Infinity Mirror Rooms. The museum’s popular, immersive Yayoi Kusama installation is temporarily shut down. There’s plenty of things to enjoy here. These include more than 12 Jean-Michel Basquiat artworks and Robert Therrien’s favorite visitor attraction, Under the Table.

4. The Bradbury Building is the place to channel ‘Blade Runner.

The archway entry to this brick building is unassuming and will greet you with an amazing, well-lit alleyway of brick, iron, and wood. The rest of the building, which is an office block, will be your only place to gawk from. It is Downtown’s oldest building commercial (1893). Movie buffs will be familiar with the zigzagging staircases in Blade Runner.

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