Downtown San Bernardino is a great place to explore, with many restaurants, shops, and theaters. Below are some things you can do in Downtown San Bernardino that will make your visit fun and enjoyable!

Have Fun in a Park

There are many parks in Downtown San Bernardino, including Hester Park and the Rotary Centennial Grove.

Barton Hill Nature Center is a unique park that houses hundreds of animals native to California.

Visit Old Town San Bernardino for Entertainment!

Old Town has many shops, restaurants, and movie theaters all within walking distance from each other. You can also take advantage of some great deals on their weekly specials throughout the week! Visit during Christmas time where they have holiday events going on throughout December leading up to New Year’s Eve night. There are street performers as well as shows at the Alex Theater! If you visit more than once you will notice there are new things being added so stay tuned if you’re coming back again soon!

Go Ice Skating at the California Theater

The California Theatre is a beautiful building that has hosted many big acts in its theater.

They also have an ice skating rink inside! It’s only $11 to skate for 30 minutes and it’s open all year long, so no matter what time of year you visit you can still enjoy this unique experience!

Take Advantage of Downtown Restaurants and Bars!

There are tons of restaurants downtown ranging from Italian food to Mexican cuisine. The Vindemia Wine Bar allows customers 21+ where they can taste wines from local wineries while enjoying live music playing in the background (check out dates when performing artists will be there). There are great bars like Old Town Pour House which offers wine flights, beers on tap, and cocktails for people looking to enjoy a relaxing night.


Downtown San Bernardino has many historical points of interest, like the historic Santa Fe Depot.

Visit Central Library

This library is home to over 200,000 books and other media where you can enjoy their spacious outdoor area with free Wi-Fi or go inside for a quiet environment without distractions! There are also murals on some buildings that depict what life was like at different times in history around Downtown San Bernardino.

Keep Active at Silverwood Lake in San Bernardino, CA
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