Things to do in Elliott Museum in Port St Lucie FL

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You’re looking for a museum to visit, but you don’t know where to go. Why not stop by the Elliott Museum in Port St Lucie FL? The Elliott Museum is one of the most popular museums on Florida’s east coast and it has so many things to offer, including:

Thousands of Artefacts

This museum has over 45,000 artifacts that are collected from all around the world. You can find everything here including African masks, pre-Columbian pottery, and even parts of a real T-Rex! Plus you’ll have to opportunity to see some items dating back as far as several thousand years ago.

You will also be able to view paintings done by artists such as Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg, and Roy Lichtenstein at this museum. There are so many famous pieces on display for your viewing pleasure – something truly unique in Port St Lucie!

Educational Experiences for All Ages Combining art with science is one way Elliott Museum does things differently than most other museums. That’s why you’ll find a planetarium and science exhibitions here as well as art pieces on display.

Scientific or not, this museum has something for every age group. For the younger ones, there is even a space-themed play area where children can dress up in astronaut costumes and pretend to be working on their own rockets! There are many different areas at Elliott Museum that will interest both kids and adults alike – give it a try!

Learn Some History

Elliott Museum is a great way to learn about the history of Florida and its development over time. This museum has been in existence since 1969, which means it’s got plenty of expertise when it comes to covering all things from pre-historic times up until now!

It also houses a collection that covers everything from Native American artefacts through to antique cars. You’ll even come across rock collections here that have been donated by past visitors – how cool is that? Stop by Elliott Museum if you’re looking for something fun but educational during your next trip out east.

Have Fun with Kids

If you love art and history but want to do something fun with your children out east, check out Elliott Museum in port st. lucie! This museum has a planetarium that is perfect for kids – it’s hands-on so they get the opportunity to have some input themselves into what happens while watching a show. Plus there are other activities available such as tours where visitors can go behind the scenes of an exhibition and see how things work at this fascinating museum. It’s also located next to beautiful waterfront views which can be enjoyed by all during breaks from learning interesting facts about local Florida flora & fauna!

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