Things to do in Little Rock, AR

Little Rock is a beautiful city that lies on the banks of the Arkansas River. It is home to a flourishing New South culture which includes world class attractions, mind-blowing food scenes and a vibrant night life. Most of the entertainment joints, historic monuments, and commercial buildings are located in the city’s downtown.

Whether you are a resident or visitor, there are many things you can see and do in this city. Little Rock, Arkansas has unique and unusual sights and activities to engage in including;

Visit Central High School and learn about the civil rights movement

When 9 black students attempted to gain admission into Central High School in 1957, they were prevented from doing so. The president then, Eisenhower, intervened, and this school became a major player in the civil rights movement.

When you visit this school, you will be taken on a guided tour via the National Historic Site’s center. During term times, you may need to book a tour in advance so that your visit cannot interrupt normal learning.

Go with the wind at The Old Mill

The Old Mill is an antique water-powered grist mill which was the opening scene of the 1939’s film Gone with the Wild. It is believed that this is the only remaining building from this renowned movie.

The mill was constructed in 1933, and was designed to look antique so that people would think it was built in the 1800s. The sculptures that decorate it are made from tree stumps, branches, and toadstools.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, The Old Mill is one of the most visited places in Little Rock.

Take an adventure walking tour and see the quirky side of the city

In case you want some adventure in this city, you can sign up for an interactive scavenger tour, and use your smartphone to explore different places within the city. There are various quests that you will play during this expedition including clue-based adventures and apocalypse storyline.

Every game is made to lead those who play it to different attractions within the city in an unusual and attractive manner.

Visit the ESSE Purse Museum and learn about women rights

Whether you are a feminist, or you want a world where everyone is equal, consider visiting the ESSE Purse Museum. It is located in a small building which takes the form of a handbag. This is the place where you will learn a lot about the milestones that women have gained since the 1900s. If you are lucky, you might also find an exhibition in this premises, something that is not uncommon.

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