Things To Do in Mesa, AZ

If you visit Mesa, AZ, here are some things that will keep you busy throughout your stay in the city:

Attend the Arizona Celebration of Freedom

There is nothing that will make a stay in any place than a festival that you are not used to. This is an event that is held on the first week of July and features classic motor cycles, cars, music, beer gardens, street performances, and an art walk. It is geared towards celebrating the freedom of Arizona State. If you want to take family fun to a whole new level, this is the place you need to be.

Visit the orange Patch

You love oranges, but you only buy them from the market. You have never plucked them yourself. Come and gain this experience at the Orange Patch. This orchard was founded in the 1960s and features many hectares of citrus fruits including pink grapefruit, tangerines, Valencia, Arizona Sweets, Rio Red Grape, and navels. Take as much citrus as you can and carry some home for memories of this amazing place.

The Commercial Airforce Aviation Museum

The military personnel sacrifice their lives to ensure that everyone is safe, and they need to be celebrated. Come and give respect to these men and women of honor by visiting the Commercial Airforce Aviation Museum. Here, you will see military aircraft and other arsenals that were used from world War I. the museum is located at Falcon Field and has everything you have always wanted to learn about the armed forces.


Salt River Tubing

Floating on the Salt River should be something that should be at the helm of your to-do list.  When you come here, you will grab a large inner tube and head right into the river. The main goal of Salt River Tubing has been to celebrate water in the desert, and has hosted a series of events over the years including mardi gras Magic, Halloween Spooktacular, Hawaiian Hula, and Pirates on the Salt River.

Mesa Grande Ruins

If you are a lover of history, then you would need to know more about the Mesa Grande Ruins. It is believed that Mesa Grande was once an administrative and religious center of one of the largest Hohokam Villages. This park features a 25 foot tall mound that has been excavated several times over the years, but has some of its contents still intact. In this place, you will try to uncover the mystery of a community that disappeared in the 15th century.

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