Things To Do in Oakland, CA

Did you know that life is short? Well, you doubtlessly do. For this reason, you need to take delight in it for as long as you live. Don’t spend all your time working. Treat yourself once in a while, and one of the best ways to do this is by taking a trip to one of the best cities in the United States – Oakland, CA.

Considering that Oakland is home to some of the most attractive sceneries in California, you can stay lest assured that this is a destination that will never fall short of fun activities to do. Therefore, pack your bags now and ensure the following things are scribbled at the top of your bucket list.

Watch a show at the FOX theatre

Do not leave Oakland without seeing a show at the fox theatre. This amazing place opened its doors in 1928 and became a great entertainment joint to visitors and locals until 1966 when it shuttered. It remained shut for decades until it opened in 2009.


This is a venue where you will not only get to see your favorite show, but you will also learn some history. Despite being refurbished, it still has an attic glamour, bearing the impressive façade, gilded ornate glamour, and the interior décor it had when it was built in the 1920s.

Celebrate history at Heinold’s

Everything around us is made out of history. We are also products of history. Therefore, when you come to Oakland, CA, make sure you visit the Sailor’s bar which is located at the Jack London square and celebrate the history of this place.

This bar is made from hailing ship’s bones, and it opened doors in 1883. With a tilted ceiling and crooked floor, which is a result of the 1906 earthquake, try as much as possible not to spill any drink on the floor!

Take a gondola cruise on Lake Merritt

Enjoying what the city has to offer from the middle of the lake is one of the greatest things you can do especially if you are on a romantic date. The fact that this cruise is campy makes it possible for you to bond with your partner even better for the short time you will be in the city.

Go to the fairyland

The magical theme park in which Disneyland was based is right at the heart of Oakland. To go to this place, all you need is 10 bucks and a child. The amount of family fun you will find in this place is immeasurable, and it will certainly give you a reason to come back every time you think of taking your kids on a holiday.

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