Things to do in Oleta River State Park in North Miami

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Oleta River State Park in North Miami is a beautiful place that offers many activities for all types of people. It has both trails and beaches, so you can enjoy nature or just relax in the sun with a book. The park also has an art center where guests are welcome to explore and create their own work of art. If you visit this park, make sure to do these things.

Take a walk in the nature trails

Take a nature walk to see the many plants and wildlife that live there. The trails are usually quite peaceful, especially if you walk early in the morning or late at night when most people aren’t around.

Visit the art center

Check out all of their exhibits to find something interesting! Even though they primarily focus on local artists, sometimes other creatives will be featured as well like photographers or painters. If your visit falls during one of these times, then definitely take a look around because it’s likely to be really good work! Go outside and enjoy whatever Florida has to offer.

Enjoy sporting activities

This park allows for various sporting activities such as kayaking, biking, and even canoeing! If you’re not afraid of the water, then go kayaking or canoeing. If biking is more your speed, then check out their many trails to see some beautiful views while also getting a good workout in! It’s also a great place to go bird watching if you’re interested in seeing the many species of birds that live there.

Find spots to relax and read outside

You can find various places throughout these parks where you can read outdoors like at one of the benches on the beaches. There are even picnic tables inside which means that if it’s raining when you visit, no worries because there will be plenty for everyone! Sit back with a book and enjoy nature around you during this peaceful time.

Spend time by the water

There are beaches where people can come together and play or just enjoy their time with friends. If you want to get closer to nature then this is definitely a good thing for you to do! You’ll be able to see all sorts of wildlife from crabs crawling around on the sand, seagulls flying overhead looking for food scraps from picnickers, and maybe even some dolphins swimming right offshore if they happen to pass through at the same time as you. They have lifeguards on duty during most hours of operation so feel free

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