Things to Do in Reno City, NV with your Children

From amazing architecture, a booming economy, a vibrant culture, modern architecture, and a wide variety of tourist destinations, Reno City is a smaller version of Las Vegas. It is the only place where you can enjoy amazing festivals and events such as the Reno Air Races and interact with the finest arts at the Nevada Museum of Arts. Simply put, it’s one of the most exciting cities you can visit in the United States.

Now that you want to tour this city during summer, you are probably wondering whether there are some things that will keep your kids busy as you enjoy whatever makes you happy. The good news is, there are hundreds of kids-friendly things to do in this city including;

Float the Truckee River

There is nothing that will excite the young ones that floating the River Truckee which runs through the center of Reno.

The float begins near Patagonia Warehouse Facility and Mayberry Park, and the currents will carry you to Wingfield Park or Idyllwild Park. Make sure you carry sunblock for everyone, and don’t forget to ensure the safety of the kids!

Take a Tour to South Lake Tahoe

Capturing snow-capped mountains and exploring sandy beaches is one of the best activities that will keep your kids engaged all day. You can make your children’s dreams come true touring South Lake Tahoe which is located about an hour drive away from the city center.

Apart from taking a breath-taking view of the blue waters, there are lots of shopping centers and resorts you can check out. a few of the activities you can engage in include biking, hiking, and jet skiing as the children engage in swimming and other outdoor activities.

Visit Virginia Mountain Range and interact with wild horses

At the Virginia Mountain Range, you will get an opportunity to interact with one of America’s largest population of wild horses. These horses travel in packs of 2-12, and each pack has a stallion, his mare, and their offspring. When young stallions reach three years old, they are sent away to join their bachelor counterparts.

If you are lucky to visit during the mating season, you will see male beasts fighting to protect their superiority and establish mating rights.

In case you want to see these animals in property, you can take your children on a tour to Wynema Ranch which is a sanctuary that is home to hundreds of wild horses. Nonetheless, you will need to part with $63-$84 to enter into the property.

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