Things To Do In Riverside, CA

If you want to enjoy California in a unique way, then you need to consider visiting Riverside. It is a city located outside Los Angeles and does not only boast of a thriving economy and generous people but also a myriad of local attractions, food joints, outdoor museums, and outdoor adventures. In fact, regardless of what you love doing during your free time, Riverside will always have something ready which is specially made for you.

In case you have been wondering where to go and fun things to do in Riverside, below are some activities that will make your next vacation memorable.

Take a leisure walk in the Mount Rubidoux Park

Well, whether you need to take an evening walk with your friends and family, or you need to have an alone time with your better half while having optimum fun, then you need a leisurely hike at the Mount Rubidoux Park.  It is one place that brings relaxation for all, the hassles you have gone through during the day notwithstanding.

This place features paved paths, which makes it possible for you walk freely while enjoying the panoramic view of the natural beauty of the Riverside Landscape. Hike up to the top and take as many photos as you can, as you take pleasure in the breath-taking view of the city and as a cool breeze cools your body.


Visit the Fox Performing Art Centre

If you are not a nature enthusiast, it does not mean that you cannot find something fun to do in Riverside, CA. the Fox Performing Art Centre has got you covered! It is the hub of various Broadway shows, concerts, magicians, and a lot more that will make your day worthwhile. What makes it even more loveable is the fact that locals and visitors alike get affordable prices for different performances. Additionally, the service at the in-house bar is one-of-a-kind. This is a place you need to be!

Have your vitamin C fixed at the California Citrus State Historic Park

When you have taken your nature walk and at the Mount Rubidoux Park and viewed your favorite performances at the Fox Performing Art Centre, why not pick some oranges in one of the best orange oasis in America?

The pioneers of this park have a vision to preserve the agricultural landscape that made California what it is today. Thanks to its charming beauty of California Citrus State Historic Park, this is a place you can take memorable pictures as you fill your belly with Vitamin C.

The tours in this park are free, and it is opened on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays at 10:30 am, 12:00 pm, and 2 pm. When you come here, you will learn everything you need to know about California, and leave with a full basket of freshly picked oranges.

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