Space Center Houston

Starship Gallery, Space Center Houston houses numerous spacecraft that have been flown and treasures from the nation. Take a close look at the amazing artifacts which trace human space exploration’s progress.

Discover a wide range of spacesuits in Houston, TX that represent the pioneers of space exploration. The ejection suit astronaut John Young used on his 1981 first space shuttle flight is now available.

You can explore the huge plane by going inside the replica Independence shuttle, which is mounted on top the original NASA 905 spacecraft carrier aircraft. The only world-exclusive shuttle that is mounted on an SCA, and allows the public to access both.

Mission Mars is an interactive exhibit that explains how to get to Mars. It also reveals what hardware we will need to reach the planet. We’ll show you what the future holds for humans on Mars.

Visit NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC), and see the inside of human space exploration. Visit Mission Control, astronaut training areas and other facilities.

Listen to NASA Mission Updates in the Mission Briefing Center. Learn how astronauts live on the International Space Station in the Living in Space presentation. Relive NASA’s historical journey in Destiny Theater. And, finally, watch a Space Documentary on the biggest screen in Texas.

Space Center Houston’s International Space Station Gallery offers a lively look into the station, including interactive live shows and Robonaut demonstrations.

You can take a guided tour through the center and learn about the history, present and future of space exploration. You will find some unique artifacts such as the Apollo 17 rocket and the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

Space Center Houston offers two different astronaut experiences. You have the chance to listen firsthand from an astronaut about space exploration. Astronaut Mission Memories and Breakfast with an Astronaut are two examples of Astronaut Experiences.

Level 9 Tour offers VIP access that is unmatched. It gives you unprecedented insider knowledge of NASA and more than 400 other things at Space Center Houston.

Space Center Houston now has a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket display. This is one of two SpaceX Falcon 9 boosters currently on display. This marvellous piece of space technology is reusable. See it up close and discover how it’s making space accessible.

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