Things you did not know about Tampa, FL

You probably know Tampa as one of the liveliest cities in Florida. You know it as a hotbed of culture and a thriving economy, and a fun-filled destination that everyone should visit at some point in their lives.

However, there are some facts about this area that you probably didn’t know. They include;

Cuban cigars are made here

If you are a Cuban cigar fanatic, you probably go telling your friends that you only smoke cigars that are made in Cuba. What you might not know is that all Cuban cigars are made in Tampa, and this has been the case for decades. Due to this, Tampa is popularly known as the Cigar City by the locals and the people who know it well.

Most famous authors come from Tampa

Apart from being home to famous artists, musicians, and Hollywood stars, Tampa is the place where most renowned authors come from. For Instance, popular horror writer Stephen King lives in Sarasota and Jack Kerouac, one of the best novelists and poets in the 1960s lived in St. Petersburg.

Pirates invade this city every year

Pirates have invaded Tampa since 1904, and they have been doing this every year. They sail their ship in this city during Gasparilla, and residents dress in pirate costumes to attend this amazing event.

Therefore, if you have always wanted to interact with pirates while having fun, this is an event that you cannot afford to miss.

You can visit Cuba in Tampa

You have always wanted to visit Cuba, but you have never gathered the resources to do so. Thankfully, you can visit this island nation in Tampa, FL.

Jose Marti Park belongs to the Cuban government. It was given as a gift to this nation in 1956. It lies on a 14-acre piece of land, and it’s a place which will provide you with all the fun you will find in Cuba. Simply put, this park is small Cuba in Florida.

The oldest restaurant in Florida is located in this city

Columbia is the oldest restaurant in Florida, and it is located in Tampa. In addition, it is the largest restaurant in the world, with a capacity of 1,700 people.

Tampa Bay is very shallow

Tampa Bay might be the largest estuary in Florida, but it is not as deep as you might think. In fact, it is only 12-feet deep. For ships to navigate the shallow waters, channels have to be dredged quite often.

Tampa is the home of flight history

The first commercial flight in the United States was scheduled in Tampa, FL in 1914. The first commercial plane landed in this place after a takeoff at St. Petersburg.

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