Things you didn’t know about Salt Lake City, UT

You know salt city as the capital of Utah, and one of the most exciting cities in America. But did you know that there are some things about this city that even locals will not tell you about? Well, read on to find out some fun facts about this city.

There are more bars than you think

You have probably heard that finding a drink in Utah is like finding a needle in a hay stack. This is just a popular belief. In Salt Lake City, there are 118 bars that are ready to serve you with your favorite drink. Here, you will not just find the 3.2 beer you see in movies. You can find whatever you want to satisfy your thirst for some alcohol.

There are plenty of mountains around this city

There are many mountains located a few hours’ drive from Salt City. They include Solitude, Brighton, Snowbird, and Alta. With over 11 mountains to choose from, this is, without a doubt, a dream destination for any mountaineer.

It has one of the largest LGBT communities in the United States

Salt City is the gayest city in the US and the largest advocate of LGBT rights in the country. Utah was one of the first counties to pass the anti-discrimination ordinances, and this led to the rise of gay couples.

Every year, this city hosts a huge event dubbed The Pride Festival which draws more than 25,000 people. Surprisingly, many groups, including some from the church come to offer their support to this community.

Fresh sushi is flown to this city daily

The fact that Utah is landlocked might tempt you to think that you cannot find sushi in the Salt City during your visit. Contrary to your belief, fresh sushi is flown in fresh every day, and is served in restaurants across the city.

There are 12 breweries in the area

Utah might be a city with the lowest beer consumption in the United States. Surprisingly, people here love beer. This is why there are 12 breweries spread across the city, whose main purpose is to meet the needs of the locals and their visitors.

There is a huge refugee population

There is a big presence of advocacy groups, including the International Rescue Committee which ensures hundreds of refugees are resettled annually. They then get all the help they need to resume their normal lives and become responsible citizens. Here, a huge number of religious denominations and cultures are represented; hence you will certainly feel at home when you decide to tour or live in this city.

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