Things you might not know about Columbia, SC

Columbia is a famously hot city where summer temperatures match the number of things you can do in this South Carolina’s capital.

You might know lots of exciting things about this city, but there are some things that even locals don’t know about their dwelling place. They include;

It’s known as the soda city by locals

If you have done in-depth research about Columbia, you might have found out that locals often refer to it as Soda City. This is not because soda was invented here, but because the short form of the name “Columbia” is Cola.

There are no old buildings despite being founded in 1786

When you first visit Columbia, the modern ambiance you will see everywhere you look might tempt you to believe that this is one of the best ultra-modern cities in the world. What you might not know is that this beautiful place was founded in 1786. The reason why there are no 18th and 19th century buildings is because it burnt to the ground during the Civil War.

The city is home to some of the largest trees in America

One of the highlights of visiting Columbia is the Congaree National Park, which is home to different species of plants and animals. Perhaps one of the things you should know about this place is that it is a habitat of champion trees, which are some of the largest in the United States.

It’s the Koala Haven

Riverbanks Zoo is probably one of the places inscribed in your bucket list of places to visit in Columbia. An interesting fact about this zoo is that it is one of the few permanent Koala exhibits in America. This makes Columbia a permanent home for Koalas which are astoundingly beautiful.

The city once had the largest dam in the world

The Dreher Shoals Dam, popularly known as Lake Murray Dam was the biggest dam in world when it was constructed in 1930. In 2015, water levels rose significantly and the flood gates were opened to prevent foreseeable damage. Even the giant hydroelectric power plant located there was sacrificed to prevent possible loss of lives.

Columbia has a dedicated puppet theatre

The Columbia Marionette Theatre was specially constructed as a dedicated puppet theatre, and it’s one of the few of its kind in the United States. This is the place where you will experience a show you have never seen anywhere else in your life.

The first textile company running on electricity was found in Columbia

Another interesting fact about Columbia is that the first textile company to fully operate on electricity was opened here in 1894. The building that housed this company is now the famous South Carolina State Museum. Some of the machinery used to make textile is still preserved here.

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