Things You Should Know About Edison and Ford Winter Estates in Fort Myers 33901

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The Edison and Ford Winter Estates are located in Fort Myers 33901. These historic sites were once the winter homes of Thomas Alva Edison and Henry Ford. They offer tours for visitors to explore the beautiful gardens, nature trails, outbuildings, and other attractions here. The estates also feature a museum that displays many artifacts from these two famous American inventors. If you want to learn more about this historical site or plan your trip to see it yourself then continue reading below!


The Edison and Ford Winter Estates were once the winter homes of Thomas Alva Edison, who is known for his invention of the light bulb. Henry Ford was an American industrialist best-known as a pioneer in the automotive industry. He also created the first assembly line to mass-produce cars with interchangeable parts at low prices that many Americans could afford. The two men met while working on separate projects but became good friends over time. They finally decided to build their own estates together along with their families near Fort Myers in 1910 where they would spend several months out of every year until both died (1931).


Visitors can explore these historic sites during daily guided or self-guided tours which give them access into some parts that are not normally open to the public. There are many different tours to choose from that explore different parts of this beautiful location such as Edison’s home, surrounding gardens and nature trails, Ford’s estate where he lived with his family, outbuildings that contain historical artifacts (i.e., carriages), and more!


The museum at the Edison and Ford Winter Estates is a great place for visitors to learn more about these two famous American inventors’ lives by looking through various exhibits here including their houses which were once filled with personal items they used every day. You can also see vintage cars and other transportation vehicles created by them throughout history or take part in activities like learning how electric circuits work while building your light bulb!

Tips for Visiting

If you plan to visit the Edison and Ford Winter Estates then consider visiting their website beforehand for information on hours of operation, various tours (including prices), fees/passes that are required for admission, location map(s) with driving directions, etc. This can help make your trip more enjoyable by obtaining any necessary passes or tickets ahead of time if they are needed as well as knowing how much it’ll cost before heading out. Also, bring along a camera so you can take pictures here during your tour because there will be lots of great photo opportunities!

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