Canine Corners Dog Park

If you’re looking for a great place to take your dog for a walk, look no further than Canine Corners Dog Park in El Cajon. This park is packed with features that will keep both you and your furry friend entertained for hours on end. However, there are some things you should never do at this park. In this blog post, we will discuss the four cardinal sins of canine conduct at the park!

Never Litter

Look – the health and beauty of Canine Corners Dog Park by the city of El Cajon is dependent on everyone pitching in and keeping it clean. That means never littering the park with your trash! If you see someone doing this, be sure to politely remind them of the rules and ask them to clean up after themselves.

Never Bring a Cigarette

Canine Corners Dog Park is a smoke-free zone! This means that no cigarettes are allowed within the park boundaries – not even in your vehicle. If you’re caught smoking at the park, you will be asked to leave immediately.

Never Bring Alcohol

Alcohol is also not permitted at Canine Corners Dog Park. This includes both alcoholic beverages and any substances containing alcohol (such as mouthwash). Again, if you’re caught with alcohol in your possession, you will be asked to leave the park.

Don’t Let Your Dog Off-Leash

Most importantly, never let your dog off-leash at Canine Corners Dog Park. This is a strict rule that is enforced by park staff. If you’re caught breaking this rule, you may be asked to leave the park – and you could even be banned from returning in the future.

Never Bring a Dog that is not Vaccinated

This one should go without saying, but please do not bring a dog to Canine Corners Dog Park if it is not vaccinated. Not only could this pose a health risk to other dogs at the park, but unvaccinated dogs are also not allowed in San Diego County parks.

Don’t forget – these are just a few of the things you should never do while visiting Canine Corners Dog Park. For a complete list of rules and regulations, be sure to visit the park’s website before your next visit! And most importantly, have fun!

If you follow these simple rules, you and your furry friend are sure to have a blast at Canine Corners Dog Park! Just remember – always pick up after your dog, don’t smoke, and don’t bring any alcohol or unvaccinated dogs into the park. By following these guidelines, we can all help keep Canine Corners clean and safe for everyone to enjoy.

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