Things You Should Never Do When You Visit New Orleans

New Orleans receives over 11 Million visitors every year for a good reason – This city prides itself as a perfect blend of dark magic, music, food, dialect, and an incredible history. Also, there is the Mardi Gras, which is one of the major reasons why people flock to this destination.

When reading through blogs before visiting New Orleans, Louisiana, you will find most, if not all of them advising you on things you should do when you reach this destination. Rarely will you find a source of information that tells you on things that you should never do.

Today is your lucky day. Below are a few things you should not do when you come to this city;

Avoid staying on Bourbon Street

Bourbon Street is where all the fun happens in New Orleans. It is a relatively safe street, and you can rest assured that you will not fall victim of criminals when you come here. Nonetheless, never stay on this street! This is because it is characterized by all manner of retching, screaming, and screeching. In case you need a peaceful place to sleep, find a hotel located outside the city.

Avoid New Orleans on a weekend

Unless you want to experience massive traffic in all the destinations you want to visit within New Orleans, don’t come to this city on a weekend.

Weekends are the busiest. This simply means that all destinations, eateries, and shopping centers are full to the brim. Therefore, you might not have as much fun as you would when you come on a normal day.

However, there are an array of hidden gems that don’t get as much traffic on weekends, and these are the places you need to look for if you are searching for a weekend getaway in this city.

Don’t do it all in one night

New Orleans is the perfect party place. Every night, there are always a number of things going on. However, no matter how much you love having fun when darkness falls, don’t attempt to do it all in one night. There will always be something to do every day; hence there is no need of ruining your entire trip in a single day.

Don’t misspell the city’s name!

If you want to live well with the locals, don’t misspell the name of this amazing city. Of course, locals call it ‘N’awlins. Don’t try to call it this way as a visitor, because you might end up rubbing some people the wrong way. Simply call it ‘New Or-leans’ and your stay will be adventurous!

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