Things you Should Not Do in Dallas Zoo near West Dallas TX

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The Dallas Zoo is a great place to spend an afternoon with the family. However, there are some things that you should not do while visiting the zoo near West Dallas. This blog post will go over things and why they are unacceptable at the zoo.

Don’t Feed the Animals

This is a rule that you can follow at any zoo. Animals in the wild are used to foraging and hunting for food, but they do not know how to hunt when in captivity. Feeding them could result in injury or death to a visitor of the Dallas Zoo. It is also dangerous because it encourages animals like monkeys and apes to approach humans without fear since their natural instincts tell them that all people will feed them treats.

Don’t Spit in the Zoo

This is another rule that you should know before visiting Dallas Zoo. Spitting on animals or in their enclosures will not make them go away. Although it may seem like a nuisance to have visitors spitting at your exhibits, it can result in injury for both humans and animals alike when spit comes into contact with the eyes or mouth of an animal. It’s important to remember this even if you are facing someone who has done something wrong because they could be charged along with other members involved regardless of whether or not they actually did anything against the rules at the zoo.

Don’t Get too Close to Animals

While many people want close-up pictures of wild beasts roaming around Texas, there are some things that cannot happen while near captive animals. For example, you should never approach a leopard or any other big cat on the loose no matter how docile they appear to be acting. There is always a chance that something could trigger them into becoming aggressive and dangerous towards humans. It’s also important to remember if an animal escapes its enclosure it is because of human error so there will not be much time before Dallas Zoo staff makes sure everyone has moved away from the area safely as possible since they know what kind of animals are housed in each exhibit at all times

Don’t Touch Animals at All Unless You Are Authorized

At times there will be cases where certain people are authorized by the management team of Dallas Zoo to touch some species housed within their exhibits because they can either transfer germs easily or create a dangerous situation since these beings are not tamed. For example, touching boa constrictors would allow bacteria from human hands into their mouths which may make them sick. In addition, touching a gorilla could cause them to be agitated and attack the person who is trying to touch it.

In conclusion, these are just a few things that should be kept in mind while visiting Dallas Zoo with family or friends. There is always something new taking place at the zoo so make sure to check out their website regularly as well as social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook for updates on upcoming events!

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