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PIER 39 is an iconic landmark in the San Francisco Bay Area. It’s hard to miss with its waterfront location and beautiful views of the bay, bridges, and cityscape. This article will give you tips for visiting PIER 39 on Fisherman’s Wharf so that your visit can be better than ever!

Remember to Dress Comfortably

This area of San Francisco, CA is always a bit on the chilly side. It’s best to bring along some warm clothing, even in the summertime! You can also purchase local souvenirs that will keep you warm or cool during your visit if needed. PIER 39 has an indoor shopping arcade and an outdoor section with various shops and restaurants for visitors of all ages.

Get a Map

When you first arrive, stop by the Visitor Information Center and ask for a map. This will help you navigate your way around PIER 39 as there is so much to see! You can spend hours exploring all of the shops and restaurants or even taking in some incredible views from one of the many balconies that overlook San Francisco Bay.

Learn About Fisherman’s Wharf History

Fisherman’s Wharf has been on this site along San Francisco Bay since 1822! It began as a place where local fishermen could sell their fresh daily catch. Now it is known as an attraction with over 50 unique shops and dining experiences for visitors to enjoy.

Visit One of the Many Museums at PIER 39

There are many museums at PIER 39. Some of the most popular ones include Wax Museum, Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, and The Bay Model. Each museum is filled with local history as well as curious facts to keep everyone entertained!

Take Care of Kids

If you are bringing along your kids, be sure to keep them entertained with plenty of activities. PIER 39 has a special place just for children called Kids’ Pier where they can play games and have fun while learning about the history of Fisherman’s Wharf! There are also numerous tours available including Segway Tours, Helicopter Tours, Ride The Ducks San Francisco Bay Cruises/Tours, and even Haunted Walking Tour.

Don’t Forget About Food Options!

PIER 39 is not only full of gift shops but there are many options for dining as well! From pizza to seafood you will find all types of cuisine at this popular tourist destination. Be sure to take advantage of these fantastic food choices by trying something new each time you visit.

Watch the Sunset at PIER 39

There are many places to watch the sunset in San Francisco but none can compare with watching it from one of the balconies at PIER 39! The Bay Bridge and Golden Gate Bridge will light up as they reflect off of the water below, creating a truly special moment for all who visit this unique part of town.

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