Tips for Visiting the Lions Park in Duncanville 75137

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If you are looking for a great place to take your kids and family, then look no further than the Lions Park in Duncanville 75137. This park is filled with playgrounds, picnic areas, and lots of space to play! Check out these tips before visiting:

Bring Water

This is the most important tip! The last thing you want to have happened is for your kids or yourself to get dehydrated. Bring water bottles and stay hydrated during the day while enjoying all that Lions Park has to offer.

Dress for Success

Even though this park does not require a lot of clothing, it’s still good advice because the weather might prevent you from enjoying the play areas outside. If there are any outdoor activities happening check with staff on what proper attire should be before getting started.

Stay Focused

If you plan on spending an entire day at the park make sure everyone knows how long they will be staying so no one gets left behind! Also if attending with several families make sure someone is assigned as “designated driver” who will not be taking any alcoholic beverages and can drive home to make sure everyone stays safe.

Ask for Help

If you plan on using the play areas outside, then ask a park staff member how they recommend getting to particular areas of interest. They will point out where things like ramps and steps are located so that your family does not get into an accident while playing. It’s also good advice just in case someone gets hurt!

Visit during off-peak times if possible

The busier the day is at Lions Park the more difficult it could become finding parking spaces as well as navigating through crowds with small children or those who need additional assistance such as strollers, wheelchairs, etc. Try visiting midweek after school hours or early Saturday mornings if possible.

Take Advantage of the Picnic Areas and Playgrounds

There are plenty of picnic areas throughout Lions Park that families can take advantage of to eat lunch or dinner together without having to worry about finding a restaurant for food. Also, there is an abundance of playgrounds which makes it easier for parents to sit back and relax while watching their children play!

Bring Sunscreen!

Did we mention how important bringing sunscreen was? Well…don’t forget it because you don’t want sunburn on your family when trying to enjoy the day at Lions Park in Duncanville! It’s especially helpful if planning outdoor activities so be sure not to leave home without it!! We hope these tips help make your next trip fun and safe here at Lions Park!

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