Tips on Keeping Concrete Flooring in Good Shape

Concrete is well-known as a durable material for outdoor areas such as sidewalks, stairs, and patios. What many do not know is that concrete is still vulnerable to some issues. These issues, however, have specific remedies.

Cracks on the surface of the concrete are the common reasons for most concrete problems. When water enters through the small fissures in the concrete, it fractures the interior of the material which would gradually reduce its overall strength.

In order to avoid water from entering the concrete, AAA Concreting recommends to use coatings with liquid penetrating sealers once or twice a year. Simply apply an ample amount of coat to the surface of the concrete and it will do the trick. It usually takes several hours before the sealer dries. Take note that liquid sealers do not work with painted concrete. To protect painted concrete from moisture, the only way is to repaint them.

Polished concrete is more popular than any type of concrete that is commonly used in homes. It is easier to maintain that the conventional flooring. Cleaning polished concrete floors can be done with just the use of water. You can easily maintain the condition of your polished concrete floors without the need for weekly maintenance.

In order to maintain the good condition of your concrete floor, apply the following:

  1. Use clean mops and water when cleaning your concrete floor. Avoid using dirty mops because they do not really remove dirt. It is advisable to clean small areas at a time.
  2. In most used areas, only use neutral colours for your decorative concrete floors.
  3. Do not use cleaners that have very strong chemicals. Instead of keeping the good condition of your concrete floors, very strong cleaners might even damage them.
  4. It is advisable to place rugs and mats in most used areas of your home. They collect dirt and dust easily so maintaining your concrete floors will be so much easier.

Take note that no concrete is invulnerable to damages. Your floors are still subject to scratches and cracks no matter how much you try to maintain them. Concrete floor maintenance only lessens the chances of getting them damaged right away.

Floor cleaners can easily remove dust and debris on your floor. If there are visible stains on your flooring, you should make sure to wash them right away to avoid them from being absorbed by the concrete. Neglected stains and spills are the common causes of floor decay. You should only apply an ample amount of floor cleaner. Excessive usage may also deteriorate the quality of your concrete. For large areas of concrete floor, you may already need to get assistance from professional concrete cleaners. Visit this post to get to the main source.

Residential concrete floors may not need as much maintenance as those that are found in large commercial establishments. However, you must still perform simply cleaning to your concrete floors in order to maintain its durability and appearance.

Grouts normally occur in any flooring system and they can be very hard to remove. Regularly cleaning your concrete floors will reduce the chance of grout forming in between tiles. Spills should be cleaned once noticed to avoid permanent discoloration on your concrete floor. Visit to read the main post.

If you want an attractive design for your floors, you can utilize polished concrete floors. They are highly sophisticated and stylish at the same time. Polished concrete floors are high durable and can last for several years. It is just hard to maintain their glossy appearances. Regularly mopping will usually do the trick which is why polished concrete floors are more recommended for businesses than in homes.


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